Yoga India Foundation offers life-changing 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

In a fast-paced world full of modernization, digitalization and commercialism, it’s easy to lose the connection to your own body and mind. While we can now achieve more than ever and develop rapidly in terms of economic growth and job opportunities, people keep forgetting one major thing of great importance: their own health and well-being.

Wanting more, achieving more, rushing and racing is a common lifestyle in most modern societies, but how much can our own body and mental state take in the long term?

During a recent study conducted by McKinsey, 4 out of 10 Indians show high levels of depression, anxiety, burnout and distress.

Not only mentally, but also physically many individuals are severely impacted due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Back pain, insomnia, diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic fatigue syndrome were some of the very common ailments in 7 out of 10 Indians.

While some individuals ignore those physical health limitations completely, others aim to search for fast-working cures and lifestyle changes that can help to improve their quality of life.

Yoga has been the number one life saver and life-quality booster for millions of people already worldwide. As the ancient science of creating optimum health, yoga integrates various practical techniques to help improve physical, mental and emotional health. It is a scientifically proven fact, that asana, pranayama and meditation work directly on the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory and endocrines systems and improve their functions.

There are many videos and resources online, however one should always consult with an experienced yoga teacher or Ayurvedic doctor to understand which techniques are most suitable for one’s body and current issues.

The Yoga India Foundation is one of the oldest and most experienced yoga schools and ashrams in India. The non-profit organization has taught more than 10000 international and national individuals the powerful and healing aspects of yoga.

Individuals can apply for various courses at the ashram; the most popular one is the 21-day residential 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. During this course, everything about yoga is taught from A to Z or from very foundational to more intermediate levels. Participants learn about the philosophy of yoga and Ayurveda but also practical techniques that include Kriyas, Asana and Pranayama and Meditation. An Ayurvedic Doctor is always present to provide pulse diagnose and herbal supplements along the course to naturally assist the healing process. Participants are trained to learn how to cure their own physical and mental problems by applying Yoga techniques in a Therapeutic context.

A yoga teacher training in India can be a life-changing and transformational experience. It can be the kickstart to more self-awareness, self-control and peace.

Yoga has the power to heal you: your body and mind both. When practiced continuously and correctly, yoga can be the best tool to bring stability, calmness and happiness to every one’s life.