On the occasion of the 104th Shubh Janamotsav of Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Ji Mahadev, the Greatest & Selfless Yogi of the century – Swami Amit Dev.

Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust (Regd) is organizing the 25th 108 kund yog mahayagya to mark the auspicious occasion of Yog Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Mahadev’s 104th Shubh Janmothsav.

The grand event took place at The Akhand Jyoti and Divine Samadhi Sthal of Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Bhagwan, Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Mahadev, and Yogeshwar Surender Dev Mahadev on March 30th and 31st.

The first day of this spiritual event started with Abhishek and Poojan followed by a reading of the Holy Book (Yog Divya Darshan, Yog Ka Sakshatkar, and Dayal Yog Sandesh) and Bhajan Sandhya at the end of the day.

The second day is totally dedicated to the holy 108 kund Yog Mahayagya. From making the atmosphere pious to killing different viruses (including corona), the importance of this Yagya is enormous. On this occasion, Swami Amit Dev Ji told that Yog Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Mahadev took birth on March 10, 1920, at Haveli Diwan, Dist Jhang of undivided India, and his eternal rest was on August 1, 1998. He was the son of Lala Lal Chand and Ratan Devi. Swami Surender Dev Maharaj (Declared as a successor numerous times during his lifetime such as 15.07.1997).

Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Mahadev and Guru Mata Meera were blessed with three sons:

  • Elder Son: Yogiraj Swami Lal Ji Mahraj, also H/o Guru Maa Prabha Devi, having three Daughters: Anjalina, Avantika, and Smarika.
  • Second Son: Swami Surender Dev Maharaj H/o Guru Maa Shakti, Devi, who was blessed with a son: Amit, also known as Swami Amit Dev.
  • Younger Son: Yogacharya Shri Ashok Ji Maharaj H/o Guru Man Meena Devi, having two sons: Yogacharya Nitin and Yogacharya Kartikey.

Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Mahadev has enshrined the divine yoga from a very ancient age. He dedicated his life to guiding many disciples into a spiritual journey of a healthy lifestyle and mental peace. His sacramental principles have been of great help in deciphering incurable diseases, domestic disputes, and blessing his devotees staying far away.

Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Mahadev is much admired for his free of cost yoga camps teaching sanctified yoga asanas which have added happiness and prosperity to the lives of many people. He is also the founder of numerous ashrams in India, a few of which include Delhi Yoga Sabha, Chandigarh Yoga Sabha, Dayal Yoga Prachar Samiti (Rohtak), Rajasthan Yoga Sansthan, Punjab Yoga Sabha, etc.

Being a prestigious personality, Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Mahadev has been honored with a bunch of awards, which also includes the first prize from the hands of Jawaharlal Nehru, in the first World Yoga Conference organized in Delhi.

Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Ji Mahadev Shubh Janamotsav was celebrated with tremendous grandeur by the Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust at Tilak Nagar. It includes a Vishwa Shanti 108 Yog Mahayagya, which has been ongoing for the past 25 years to promote global peace. Devotees from many states arrived on Saturday to adore Mahaprabhu Ji, and since Sunday morning, there has been a steady influx of devotees.

Shri Kalibaba Ji Maharaj of Sampla as chief guest came and thanked Swami Amit Dev Ji, encouraged him to continue honoring their Guru in the same way. Sh Ajay Bhai Ji also came and requested to organize a yoga camp in the Rastriya Mandir on GT Road. Sardar Jarnail Singh Ji, MLA Tilak Nagar, and Former MLA and Senior Leader BJP Sh O P Babbar Ji received blessings from Swami Ji and also felt delighted when he mentioned that Swami Ji had grown up learning at their school and highlighted his commitment to the advancement of yogic practices.

Sh Rajiv Babbar Ji, the Delhi state Vice President (BJP) over the last 50 years, acknowledged the International Yoga Day on June 21, credited to the support of honorable Modi Ji, where the late Sushma Swaraj Ji was also present, Sh Mahabal MishraJi, Sh. Arya Bhushan Shukla Ji, and Sidharth Rao Ji shared their experiences with the esteemed organization.

Yoga Performance by Yoga Sadhaks Shashikant, Laxmi, Deepa, Meenakshi, Komal, and Yogacharya Vinay surprised everyone by inserting 10 mm Waxless SutraNeti into his nostrils, Jalneti, Gajkarni, and drinking milk through nostrils, demonstrating an amazing feat. Swami Amit Dev Ji acknowledged his son Rudransh, who began practicing Jalneti at the age of 11 to 12 months, with Swami Ji’s guidance and Mahaprabhu Ji’s blessings. At the closing, Yogacharya Nitin, Yogacharya Kartikay, Sh Mahesh Goel Ji (National President), Smt. Savita Sahini (National Vice President), Sh Manoj Kapoor Ji (National Treasurer), Yogacharya Mangesh Trivedi (Special Secretary), and Sh Rajiv Khosla Ji (National Gen Secretary) for Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust greeted all attendees and sought blessings from Mahaprabhu Ji bless us all and thanked the Devotees from many states, including J & K, Jagadhri, Rohtak, Hansi, Hisar, Sonipat, Panipat, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Vijayawada, Chennai, Himachal, Gurugram, Chandigarh, Hoshiarpur, and Delhi, participated in Mahaprabhu Ji’s langar, demonstrating their unwavering devotion.”