www.HousingExchange.in launches its portal through its housing festival program www.housingfestival.com

Housing market in India has a new prop tech player www.HousingExchange.in a market place aggregator specialising in demand creation and transaction for the clients looking for value buying of houses,  after the success of www.landexchange.in, Principle Infra Projects Ltd a master infrastructure developer company has created a market place portal for Information, Interaction & Transaction in the housing space for the Indian, US, Canada & UAE market.

With an array of specific, focused and specialised SBU programs in the HousingExchange network, with specialised programs like www.housingrental.in, www.housingresale.in, www.housingdiscount.in & www.housingportfolio.in. HousingExchange is a disruptor in the real estate space in India focusing on a complete opensource information model for negotiating with developers on behalf of the customers, the company has designed inhouse programs from where the home buyer can directly interact with the developer seller or resale entities and understand the micro details of the project with real time live viewing of the project with real time inventory visibility of every building in the project and phase wise construction and completion updates verified by industry professionals, to remove all ambiguity from the home buyers mind.

Investor promotor of HousingExchange Mr. Solomon Peter says that Real estate in India is growing to be a 600 billion dollar industry in the future and 60% of that demand is unmet, this demand specifically is in the rural India and we are gearing up to cater to this demand, as we have a firm grip on the primary requirement LAND through our online portal www.LandExchange.in we are in a position to identify and acquire right fit land parcel where the demand is and curate custom made product for this demand in the tier 2 & tier 3 cities creating NEXT GEN Cities. As house is the biggest & costliest spend in the lifetime of an average income family it has to have value proposition during buying of the house & not depend on the speculation in the market for price appreciation and wealth creation, he says by identifying and defining buyer’s requirement we can reduce the price of the house by about 10-15% which would be a huge saving for the house buyers.

The buy decision has to have a 360-degree view informed decision, HousingExchange.in provides all the data points in the buy decision for the homebuyers to analyse evaluate and decide which product they want to buy. This would help developers reduce time lag in the projects with identified customers that would help in cash flow challenges, as well as the home buyers in reducing the lag and indecision for identifying the right fit houses. As the housing eco system is getting organised HousingExchange is bringing a complete opensource and transparent program that will provide the industry participant the developers, the home buyers the regulators and the lending institute a common field for information, interaction & transaction.

Mr Solomon says we are not the disruptors in the market, rather it’s a very vast market and has place to accommodate many players who has the ability to hand hold the customers to a perfect buy decision for a perfect fit product.