Wudzo, A Bangalore Based Firm Introduced AR Features To Help Customers Visualize Interior Design

(NewswireOnline):- The sole essence of interior designing truly lies in the ability to visualize the aesthetic potential of home space. Understanding the elements of a home interior has everything to do with experimenting with the components. That includes the colours, textures, décor pieces, and all other installations. How easy would conceptualizing home interior designs get if one earns this visual experience? This is where this Bangalore-based Wudzo Home interior comes to play. The brand is offering its clients a unique experience of optically trying on decors and designs for their home interior, using the concept of augmented reality (AR).

Back in 2017, Wudzo was founded by Varun Ravindran and Manoj Martin, two incredibly creative and experienced individuals with a profound understanding of interior designing. And since then, they have been transforming homes and lives with their incredibly innovative approach to modern interior designing solutions. With recent improvisations, they are providing their clientele with an Augmented Reality based platform where one can see and design what goes into their interior design by themselves. With 850+ projects completed, Wudzo is now one of the top 10 interior designing firms in Bangalore.

At Wudzo, they will provide you with your personalized designer based on your preliminary assessment of preferences. Based on your initially curated selections, you will get recommendations regarding various designing components. Starting right from furniture and rugs to furnishings and wallpapers, you’ll have access to them all. You can then try out these elements to visualize these décor pieces in 3D inside your home space. These pieces can be easily rearranged and tried on under different settings.

There’s nothing like the essence of “home”. And what is a home without the personalization of one who resides in it? In times as dire as this, Wudzo plans on giving you the best possible Interior designing experience by using your vision as the central object of focus. This practice will also ensure a more budget-friendly project as nothing unwanted will make it to your home interior through the design. In conclusion, what Wudzo is offering is not only futuristic. It is also incredibly thoughtful, practical and both, time and cost-efficient. After all, what’s better than being in complete control of your own home interior designing?