WTF – Digital Waiter™ plans to go big in India

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logo WTF

WTF Digital Waiter is a QR based digital ordering system for restaurants with customers across different countries. The founders say that their restaurant partners are seeing the margins growing by 25% on average. WTF is part of the latest batch of 500 startups accelerator program.


Contactless solutions are a current trend across all industries. Contactless dining is one such solution. Many are building the solution after the pandemic has struck, but this startup from Bangalore has envisioned this way of ordering before the COVID situation itself. They call it the WTF menu a.k.a Digital Waiter™.

Digital waiter™ is a digital ordering system (widely referred to as Contactless dining), which comes along with a billing software a.k.a POS, inventory, customer feedback, and everything that a restaurant needs. Digital waiter™ simplifies the ordering process for customers and adds a lot of virtual human touch to that. It replicates the order placing experience that one has with a physical waiter at the same time improving the efficiency of the waiter.

One of their restaurant partner in India mentions that their customers ask for a Digital Waiter™ QR code right after they enter the restaurant.

The founders say that the WTF menu recommendation engine increases average bill value by 25% in the first 27 days of operation while the whole system reduces costs by 30% while improving margins on a big scale.

Restaurants mention that users fall in love with the digital waiter at service when they use it once. The founders back it up saying that with the aforementioned features, anyone will love it…!

Being used by 1000+ restaurants across multiple cities in India and Japan, WTF ( is the first startup globally to be awarded the startup visa by the Kobe city government, Japan. It’s quickly expanding across the territories, reaching restaurants in every corner.


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