Genuine Conversations on Women Health is the Need of the Hour

“Shockingly low levels of preventive healthcare among Indian women are unacceptable and need to be corrected. Join the movement if you care too”exhorts Marcom Veteran Shripad Kulkarni at the launch of WHXprts live

Mumbai, June 2, 2023:  Have you ever realised that a woman is actually the primary healthcare practitioner for every family – or rather every individual of her family? Yes, she takes care of everyone’s welfare……… everyone, except herself! There have been several instances where the health of the woman is often neglected for various reasons leading to severe ailments and fatalities in many cases.  The reason being the woman tends to keep her niggling health issues to herself and finds it awkward to speak out.

About 70 percent of serious health issues faced by women are preventable if she goes for regular health check-ups. It’s sad we do not give much importance to preventative healthcare. We need to change this statistic.” says Dr Esha Chainani, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist based in Mumbai.

To change this, and making the woman speak out her issues, a purpose driven platform WHXprts (Women Health Experts) was today launched with an endeavour to make discussions revolving around “Women’s Healthcare” mainstream!

The online platform, an initiative by Marcom Veteran Mr Shripad Kulkarni has been launched with an intention to provide more impetus to the cause of preventive health of women. Apart from English, the platform will also be available to the women folk in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada.

Speaking on the launch, Mr Shripad Kulkarni, says “We must focus more and more on Purpose Driven Brands and initiatives. Women’s Health or WH is a purpose driven initiative, to improve preventive healthcare among women of India. We will trigger questions and encourage women to be inquisitive about their health. We will ensure all the questions are answered in a simple manner by doctors and in 7 Indian languages. The platform will be powered by intuitive Search by topics, AI-assisted chatbots with Byte sized, comprehensive, information on all topics, moderated and validated by a panel of doctors..”

The 360-degree platform will, in due course, have doctors, patients and brands interact in a meta format E – Knowledge Expo too. It will have the doctors go live, expert videos, Interactive Knowledge Centre, games, and relevant shopping possibilities as well.

The launch will begin with the motherhood and pregnancy special. A public service campaign will promote visiting the Doctor in the preconception stage itself to reduce potential risks. Plans are also on the anvil to stage two online knowledge expositions on pregnancy and fertility.

So, ladies, it’s time to shed your inhibitions on health-related issues and log on to and take charge of your health!

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Sandeep Sarkar