UPSC Civil services: How technology is changing the preparation strategy for competitive examinations

10 Feb 2020, (NewswireOnline) UPSC examinations are one of the most coveted and prestigious examinations held in our country, every year lacs of students appear in the examination and over the years these have become more dynamic with many aspirants increasing by leaps and bounds every year.

The examinations which have 3 stages to clear UPSC CSE Prelims, Mains and Interview require a wide knowledge of not only the Optional subject candidate has opted but also the general studies and in-depth extensive knowledge of current affairs are tested. Not only has this but the change in the pattern of examinations made it even more competitive. Barring a few supremely talented candidates UPSC Coaching and guidance is a must to face the toughest competition and clearing the examinations.

A few years back most of the aspirants clearing the examinations were from reputed coaching institutes, which were provided on time guidance to the students who had enrolled in these institutes but with the advent of technology and access to a wide variety of study material and support online this pattern had changed considerably.

The digital world and e-learning platforms have turned the tides in favor of aspirants from constrained social and financial norms. The right guidance which wasn’t available to these aspirants earlier many apps and online tutorials have made it all accessible to them.

Online coaching and e-learning providers like the UPSC Guide e-learning the platform for UPSC aspirants have simplified everything including study material, mock tests, and personalized guidance. They have now become the most favored Abhijeet Nikam founder of Nikam Education OPC Pvt Ltd says that since exams are covering more of updated topics online help is handy and easy to access, it saves time and cost as well. UPSC CSE examinations are more about right guidance and expert help at right time, in that aspect, too online tutorials are much ahead of traditional coaching institutes.

Regular mock tests are also an essential part of preparations, although coaching institutes also take the mock test they are generally on weekends, but with online tutorials, you can take as many of them as you want and keep on practicing at your own pace and time convenience, making them more viable.

Webinars, chatroom discussions, video lectures and one on one guidance from experts, all these help with the up-gradation of technology and availability of best quality learning materials from providers like UPSC Guide e-learning platform for UPSC Aspirants and other providers have changed the entire strategy and manner the candidates are taking on the
toughest examinations with ease and confidence.

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