Unity in Diversity: ITM SLS Baroda University Youth Festival Illuminati 2024 celebrates creativity and youth spirit

 ITM SLS Baroda University‘s campus had been buzzing with excitement as the prestigious ILLUMINATI 2024 Flagship Event kicked off on February 19th, 2024. Inaugurated by the esteemed President, Kanupriya Singh Rathore, and Vice President Ravindra Singh Rathore, the event promised a week-long extravaganza of talent, sportsmanship, and cultural unity.

The event, spanning from February 19th to February 24th, 2024, witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, faculty, and staff across the university. With a plethora of programs that included Inter-University competitions, technical events, debates, and cultural showcases, ILLUMINATI 2024 truly captured the spirit of camaraderie and excellence.

Prizes totaling Rs. 12 lakhs were awarded to deserving students across various competitions.

In the realm of sports, the Inter-University Cricket tournament showcased thrilling matches featuring powerhouse teams which included The Maharaja Sayajirao University, GLS University, Indus University, Changa University, Parul University, UkaTarsadia University, Gobind Guru University and Sigma University. The tournament captivated audiences with intense competition and displays of sportsmanship.

Volleyball enthusiasts were treated to a series of exhilarating matches, culminating in a gripping final that showcased the athletic prowess of the participating teams. Additionally, the Inter-School Girls Cricket final provided a platform for budding talents to shine, further enriching the sporting spectacle.

Beyond sports, the Technical Events segment of ILLUMINATI 2024 showcased the intellectual prowess and innovative spirit of the participants. From the Brain o Maniac challenge to the Pharma Entrepreneur competition, students demonstrated their ingenuity and problem-solving skills across various domains. The Code Clash and Investment Wizard events provided platforms for aspiring technocrats and finance enthusiasts to showcase their talents, while the Junkyard and Best out of Waste challenges promoted sustainability and creativity.

Debate enthusiasts engaged in thought-provoking discussions on pertinent issues, fostering critical thinking and discourse among participants.

As the sun set, the cultural extravaganza unfolded, featuring captivating performances from talented artists representing diverse cultures and traditions. The evening was filled with music, dance, and theatrical performances, serving as a celebration of unity in diversity.

ILLUMINATI 2024 witnessed enthusiastic participation from numerous universities across Gujarat, further enhancing the spirit of collaboration and healthy competition. Several universities secured prizes in various categories, reflecting the wealth of talent and excellence present in the region.

Speaking at the inauguration, President KanuPriya Singh Rathore expressed her delight at the overwhelming response to the event, emphasizing the importance of fostering talent and nurturing a culture of inclusivity and collaboration.

Additionally, over 5000 students from 25+ universities across Gujarat participated in this year’s ILLUMINATI. It’s worth noting that while this year’s event was regional, plans are already underway to elevate ILLUMINATI to a national level starting next year.

As the ILLUMINATI 2024 Flagship Event draws to a close, it leaves behind a legacy of inspiration, camaraderie, and excellence, setting the stage for future generations to continue the tradition of celebrating talent and unity.