Uniting, the 1-1 chat app connecting aspiring students planning to study abroad with their seniors and alumni

For aspiring students planning to study abroad, making decisions about choice of courses, universities, queries about student life, education loans, visa, curriculum, and post graduation job prospects can be overwhelming. Uniting provides a platform for direct 1-1 communication with seniors and alumni who have studied the same course or at the same university, offering genuine insights and guidance.

Today’s students value authenticity and seek peer-to-peer connections rather than relying solely on corporate marketing. According to the Uniting market survey (2021 – 2022) conducted with 20,000 current students and study abroad aspirants,

  • 9% students felt that overseas education agents lack first-hand experience of studying abroad, so their guidance is not reliable
  • 85% of students felt that they received incorrect program and university recommendations from study abroad agents
  • 97% of students felt more confident about their study abroad journey after speaking with current students or alums.

Other findings of the survey were,

Top factors influencing aspiring students’ study abroad decisions.

Source: ‘Uniting’ Market Survey

  1. Financial aid & Scholarships
  2. Departments/majors/courses
  3. Location
  4. Career opportunities after graduation
  5. Quality of facility/teaching
  6. Student support services
  7. Sports/clubs/social life
  8. University’s ranking & reputation
  9. University’s values
  10. Influence from family and friends

Uniting is a user-friendly 1-1 chat application similar to WhatsApp that enables personalized communication and connecting aspiring students looking to study abroad with alums or current students through text, audio, and video calls. The  platform addresses the challenge of accessing up-to-date, reliable and accurate information about bachelor’s and master’s programs in preferred universities and countries. Verified mentors, including alums and current students, act as trusted sources, sharing personalized information and authentic student life experiences.

Initially launched for Ireland studies, Uniting has partnered with 100+ seniors and garnered over 6,000 downloads and 4,000 student interactions within two months of the Beta version launch.

After the successful beta launch, Uniting went public by unveiling the new version at an official launch event. Uniting’s Managing Director, Mr. Ilaya Bharathi, expressed his sentiments: “Having my dreams of studying abroad shattered by deceitful information was devastating! I was desperately seeking unbiased guidance and real-time insights that seemed elusive. The online information is often ambiguous, and the study abroad education agents’ advice lacks authenticity as they prioritize commercial interests, viewing aspiring students merely as’ customers.’ I know that countless aspiring students share this experience. That’s precisely why Uniting was created, with the app designed to cater to the needs of this generation. Additionally, Uniting conducted a comprehensive market survey across six states, engaging over 20,000 aspiring students looking to study abroad, further affirming these findings.”

He added “We are expanding our mentor network to cover other countries and aim to serve one million students by the end of 2025. Uniting is committed to empowering students with reliable information and personalized support, ensuring their study abroad journey is fulfilling and successful. Uniting has currently partnered exclusively with the top 200 International schools and 150 private Universities in India.”

Importance of Connecting with a Mentor

One significant finding from the survey highlights students’ concerns regarding making the wrong course or university choice, struggling to fit in on campus, and difficulties in making friends. Considering these factors, Uniting is specifically designed to provide prospective students with a free, safe, and secure platform to connect one-on-one with seniors and alums. Through these interactions, students can receive personalized support, genuine guidance, and authentic mentorship, enabling them to make well-informed study abroad decisions.

Uniting is now available for free download on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.