Two days to go, farmers will get first installment of Rs. 2000

The first installment will be started from February 24 under the Prime Minister Kisan Adhiman Nidhi Yojana, which started in the interim budget from the central government – two days from now, the farmers will get the first installment of Rs. 2000.

Business Desk: Farmers will get the first installment of Rs. 2000 two day from today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will formally launch this scheme by transferring funds to farmers’ accounts from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh.

The second installment to begin on 1st April

The first installment of the scheme, introduced for the purpose of wooing the farmers in the Lok Sabha elections of 2019, will be given till March 31.

To woo farmers, the second installment of this scheme will be started from April 1 onwards. According to a senior official attached to this scheme, after the first installment, farmers will be given 2000 rupees in second installment in a week.
According to the official, in order to pay the first installment, the central government has asked the state governments to upload the list of eligible farmers on PM Farmer Portal till February 25. The official said that BJP-ruled Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat remained at the top of uploading the list of eligible farmers. He said that the eligible farmers who applied till February 20 will be given only Rs 2000 rupees for the first installment.

Beginning of the session of BJP Kisan Morcha

National Vice President of BJP Kisan Morcha Naresh Sirohi told that a national convention is being organized on behalf of Morcha in Gorakhpur on February 23 and 24. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the closing ceremony of this session on February 24. In the meantime, PM will formally launch this scheme by transferring funds to farmers’ accounts.

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