Tvisha Jewlz Brings the Refined Aesthetics of Pink City, Jaipur to Mumbai

“For me, jewellery design is an expression of my inborn sense of design. And the need to create heirlooms for tomorrow. I try to recreate heritage designs into refreshingly new and contemporary forms. The one thing I never compromise on is quality.”


(NewswireOnline):- Tvisha Jewlz, founded by jewelry designer and entrepreneur Himanshu Khunteta forays into the world of luxury, precious jewelry, opening the doors of its swanky boutique studio in Mumbai’s Bandra West. Founded in Jaipur, the historic hub for jewelry making, Tvisha Jewlz reflects energy and enterprise.

The brand is the culmination of the singular journey of a young entrepreneur, born into a family of businessmen who were leaders in the fire-works industry in North India. Founded nearly 100 years ago by his grandfather, his parent company enjoys an iconic image in the industry of firework manufacturing. Blessed with an inbuilt Zen for entrepreneurship, Himanshu, in his student years itself, found himself driven towards the world of precious jewelry. “I was fascinated with the art that goes with designing jewelry. Besides both fireworks and jewelry are a sparkling business, and equally dazzling,” he recalls.

The dots eventually started connecting when he found an internship in a jewelry factory in Mumbai where “I was glued for 12 hours at a stretch, interacting with kaarigars, working on the floor and learning both the technique and the art of jewelry making.” To which he added his entrepreneurial skill and started from scratch, crafting small, but design rich pieces.

His journey with diamonds began with a fluke sale of a set of solitaires, which someone asked him to sell. Soon he found himself getting deeper and deeper into the diamond industry, simultaneously working with colored stones and techniques of jadau and polkis. Today his business is linked to some of the major business houses in Hong Kong and the USA and his jewelry is also incorporated in the show window of many historic jewelry houses.

From wholesale to retail seemed a logical jump and within 7 years his first swanky boutique store was up and about in Mumbai. In the Tvisha showroom can be found spectacularly designed, traditional jewelry that traces its roots to Rajasthan. “My city, Jaipur is famous for its mastery over heritage design.We work with precious, colored stones and diamond Polki which is enameled in gold resplendent with the finest hand painting one can ever imagine. I believe jewelry has to talk to you; it has to reflect your personality. And when a client comes and tells me that she feels renewed every time she wears my piece I feel great. “

Tvisha Jewlz’s design sensibility stems from incorporating a bit of modernism into the classical design. Himanshu tries to bring in an element of traditionalism in his jewels. At the same time creating something he wants the young bride to wear both at her wedding and thereafter with her gowns, jeans, and dresses. “Good design need not be complicated. I vouch for simplicity of expression always.” Yet, “It has to be an emotional expression of the love passed from one generation to another. Because we are not in the business or ornamentation only. We are people who spread love through our designs.”