Transformify Freelance Platform partners with WeWork and expands its presence in India

(Newswire Online) Transformify, a UK based software company offering an integrated solution comprising of HR Software, Freelance Platform, ATS, billing & payments, announced  its plans to further expand its presence in India.

Providing equal access to jobs and secure payment to everyone regardless of gender, race, location or personal situation has always been a mission for Transformify The company received the 2017 First Women Award and 2018 Female Entrepreneur Award in the UK.

Transformify has already acquired market share in India but sees a big potential due to the rise of the gig economy. Recent reports reveal that 70 % of the corporates in India have used freelancers at least once in 2018. The startup ecosystem is also booming demanding more gig workers while the younger generations demand work flexibility and work-life balance. At the same time, finding gig work is not that easy. Securing a fair pay rate and collecting payments is a challenge for most freelancers.

The CEO of Transformify, Lilia Stoyanov, said:

‘’ The gig economy is on the rise but at the same time the gig workers and recruiters face many challenges. Building a fair environment for everyone is of utmost importance, and to achieve it, Transformify has partnered up with the co-working space provider WeWork.

Our HR Software and Freelance Platform are free for the job seekers and Transformify offers a payment guarantee if they opt to receive payment via our Freelance Platform. Bidding is not allowed, and all recruiters are encouraged to pay a fair rate. Switching from a gig worker to a full-time employee and vice versa is also easy as we provide all types of jobs.

The partnership with WeWork provides cost-efficient office solutions to both businesses and gig workers. ‘’

The innovative approach doesn’t stop there, though. Transformify Market Entry Pack helps startups to enter and validate new markets on a tight budget by hiring freelancers abroad. The office needs are addressed too via partnerships with co-working office providers worldwide.

With Transformify, tapping into a diverse talent pool and addressing diversity hiring needs has never been easier. The cutting-edge diversity hiring solution provides everything a recruiter may need to run a successful CSR campaign including marketing, PR, events, trainings and HR software solutions.


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