TrainerGoesOnline – Indian startup that turned over $2 Million for global fitness trainers is all set to launch in India

Founded in April 2020 by Akshay Paliwal, Abhinav Tripathi, and Nirmit ManiarAtul Verma, their startup TrainerGoesOnline has been disrupting the online fitness industry globally.

This bootstrapped venture started when most fitness professionals globally were either out of job or were struggling to attract clients during the pandemic. The team now looks to bring this impact in India by transitioning millions of Indian fitpros from face to face or zoom training to systematic online training in order to help them scale their business towards financial freedom.

Akshay Paliwal (Co-Founder) states, “In a very short while, we’ve been able to empower over 100 fitpros to earn $2 Million online. Our focus for the first couple of years was to work with some of the biggest fitpro names in the industrybring out numerous success stories. Now that we’ve perfected our systemit’s proven to work, we are now ready to launch in price sensitive countries like India where our vision is to achieve scale whilst making it affordable for any fitpro to work with us.”Nirmit Maniar (Co-Founder) adds, “The biggest challenge for us in terms of launching in India before was our premium pricinghyper-personalised services. However, we have been able to innovate quicklydevelop our own signature method that helps any fitpro to buildscale their business online in under 90 days that too just at a fraction of a cost. We’ve come up with a smart blend of TechnologyMarketing Services alongside our new product to enable this at scale”Ever since the pandemic started, there has been a rising demand of people who are eager to adopt the online form of getting personal training. There are many companies now looking to actively build their own solutions to address this new opportunity.

Abhinav Tripathi (Co-Founder) states, “While we see numerous SaaS companies trying to help fitpros deliver online training, what differentiates us is our primary focus of helping our clients make online income first. We believe that just delivering online fitness training is a fairly solved problem, but there exists not a single platform that can help trainers generate monetary results for their business, and seamlessly manage their clients all in a single place! We have built a very strong tech team which is headed by an IIT tech wiz, and an ingeniousinnovative Product Design team which is led by a NID design wiz”The company also believes that their low ticket offering will not only help Indian fitpros but can also empower beginner trainers from any part of the world to build a successful online business at an affordable price point.

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