Digital Adequacy- the new Supremacy: COVID Marketing Communication



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This is a time when communications are prioritized more than ever. Apart from safeguarding the health of the employees and suppliers, how a brand handles this crisis can be a determinant in whether the brand survives or not.

At its nitty-gritty, crisis marketing communication must be essentially built on four values:integrity, lucidity, accountability, and reliability. As a leading creative marketing agency – Thunder Brand Solutions abides by these 4 pillars and considers them as the true words of wisdom. That implies communicating the truth, not concealing the facts, taking responsibility, and doing what you’re saying, while also saying what you’re doing.

The “voice” of top leadership is highly important- digitally, or in print: most people look for a measured, authoritative “voice” to convey them

a.) what has happened;

b.) what their assessment of the situation is

c.) what is the way forward; and

d.) what is being done in the meantime?

The Corona virus is jolting consumer mobility, causing shifts in digital media usage, modifying supply chains, and ushering in economic volatility. With this dynamic situation, companies need to plan their marketing moves wisely to either mitigate downside risk or capture all the upside that’s possible. It’s crucial for organizations to pay attention to how this situation is altering the landscape and plan scenarios accordingly, rather than wait and hope that no changes are necessary.


The competitors will be looking out to gain traction more than ever. The marketing team therefore needs to be vigilant more than ever and stay a breast with what is happening across the globe on a non going basis. The brand can come up with strategies bearing in mind the changes in state laws and the applicability of the same onto its business.

  • Connecting with Customers on Social Media During a Critical Moment: Considering the COVID-19 situation, the dependence on communicating through social media platforms has increased tenfold. With more than the usual number of people on social media, the brands can take it up as an opportunity to increase their social media engagement. This would not only add to the popularity of the brand but also help it establish or upsize its brand image.
  • Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising is an ideal strategy to implement: With the increasing number of people at home in front of their screens, it’s a great opportunity for brands to use PPC marketing approach to connect with their customers and gain a strategic edge. It also comes across as an opportunity to save some money allocated to the digital marketing budget. The businesses can increase website traffic with the number of advertisements overall going down.
  • Using SEO as an important Marketing Tool: While paid advertising, social media, and other online platforms can generate traffic to websites, the majority of online traffic is driven by search engines. Search engines are getting smarter, but they still need our help. Optimizing your site will help deliver better information to search engines so that your content can be properly indexed and displayed within search results. What a brand should not do is to halt an SEO campaign. It can be a critical mistake for the business. The leads and revenue may suffer. On the contrary, if others choose to pull back on SEO, it becomes ideal for our business to push even harder to surpass our competitors.
  • Designing Campaigns involving Customers: The brands could ideally design campaigns that would keep the users engaged and informed about how the brand is looking at the situation. It could come up with social distancing campaigns promoting the same in its users. Also, interesting quizzes can be put out to stay afloat in terms of brand popularity. The brand could have live sessions across social media platforms in collaboration with eminent personalities. This would ensure increased user engagement and brand visibility.
  • The best way to execute content and SEO for this type of brand boost and targeted approach during COVID-19 is through hiring a full-service digital marketing company.

While most brands are working to adjust their output against short-term consumer demand, experienced marketers are designing plans for longer-term projections. It could be expected that consumers may not return exactly to their prior habits when the outbreak has passed. Therefore, a brand must ideally be prepared for a post-corona situation when the lockdowns would ideally be lifted and look forward to coming up with dynamic ways of capturing more segments and catering to them.

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