Donor Crew: The Best Donation Aggregation Platform In India

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Donor Crew is an online platform for an organization connecting donors to fund eligible NGOs and Non-profits. Donors include corporates (for CSR), retail donors, and HNI’s.

(NewswireOnline):- Donor Crew is a leading platform for the aggregation of donations for socio-economic causes. It connects entities like corporate donors, retail donors, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) bodies, and HNI (High Net Worth Individuals) donations to various Non-profit or NGO organizations of diverse nature and functioning in India and the rest of the world.

The organization is an independent entity launched by Astage India Marketing and Services Pvt. Ltd, an RBI-approved company for payment aggregation. It is incorporated and registered according to the laws of the Indian government.

This online platform features excellent infrastructure support, an advanced in-house unit for digital activation, and a sophisticated search engine to connect the proper NGOs to the right donors.

According to William Barretto, the head of Corporate Communications of Donor Crew, the organization was conceived to offer the right connections to the different stakeholders like bodies for foreign funding, CSR bodies, and HNI donors to the deserving NGO’s, such that every rupee spent reaches people in the grassroots and authentically needy individuals.

The organization features matchless, professional, and ethical help on all fronts. Non-profits and NGOs can exploit a wide range of benefits from their services. These include services ranging from seeking grants from the government to connecting with HNI’s, leaders, agencies, and corporates. The platform features an interactive, exclusive dashboard designed to help all stakeholders.

With simply a click of buttons, one can avail of a slew of services from transactions and instant messages to details of donor-pledges, social media ads, etc. The process has been made simple, keeping in mind the needs of all stakeholders. The icing on the cake is the approval of RBI for Donor Crew to serve as a payment aggregator.

The organization is accessible for the tech-savvy through all major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There are available options for sharing, liking, and linking.

In the arena of retail donation, Donor Crew connects the retail donors to non-profits and NGOs through their algorithmic, interactive, technology-based platform and motivates donors to contribute more.

HNI’s are helped by Donor Crew to contact various domestic and overseas associations and social entrepreneurs. They are motivated by the organization to choose the right NGO based on their personal parameters.

Donor Crew helps activate and promote CSR projects with Non-profits and NGOs, including measuring and auditing of CSR projects. It also helps in mobilizing volunteers for social projects in its objective of base development of volunteers. Another service is counseling NGOs and aiding them in seeking local, state, and central government grants.

There are three objectives of the organization. Firstly, it helps bring donors and NGOs to a common platform and serves as a bridge between them. Secondly, it brings NGOs and corporate houses to a common platform for CSR activities. Thirdly, it creates a niche for all donation activities that can help transform society.

About the Company:

Donor Crew is an aggregation platform for donations that links NGOs and donors. It helps donors select a proper NGO for donation. The latter includes those who are active in social work and transforming society.