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(NewswireOnline):- Whether you are just a music enthusiast or a beginner in the world of music, an intermediary wanting to hone your skills, or a professional musician wanting to upskill, there’s good news for you!

Music Pandit, the online music academy is offering music lessons for FREE! You can avail any of their music courses, whether it be Hindustani Vocals, Western Vocals, Keyboard Lessons, Guitar Lessons, or Piano Lessons without paying a penny. All you have to do is sign up and start your preferred course!

The courses are not just FREE but invaluable for your musical journey. By signing up you get FREE access to your preferred course on this incredible platform. Music Pandit teaches using pre-recorded music videos and quality personalised feedback from instructors. The course also includes practice videos, quizzes, assessments, and certification by the institute.

Music Pandit

By enrolling for a FREE course or courses at Music Pandit, you will be joining more than 13,317 students across the world who have fulfilled their musical goals right here. These students describe their journey at Music Pandit variedly. Anitha P shares that her instructors here and the course content was fantastic and that Music Pandit is the right place to begin for anyone starting out in music. Abhishek S opines that Music Pandit has created a winning combination. It is a site that is easy to understand and simple to use and is well organised. ‘I find it easy to understand what I have to do next and I can follow the lessons easily,’ he says. Rahul K states that learning music lessons at Music Pandit has filled the gaps in his knowledge of playing the piano and singing. He expresses his gratitude to Music Pandit. Kriti B narrates how she always wanted to learn how to play the guitar and had been trying for years on YouTube. But she shares that she struggled to understand explanations and find learning material that was organised. Music Pandit saved her, she says. Now she has finally started playing the guitar and she understands what she is doing. Harsh B is among thousands of students who agree that Music Pandit is one of the rare online courses where students feel inspired and excited about their musical training.

So how does Music Pandit work? Students enrolling for courses here are taught lessons in varied fields of music through pre-recorded high-quality videos. Additionally, there are practice routines, song learning sessions, responses from real instructors, video feedback, assessment quizzes, and a certification by the institute. In addition, students can also opt to add on LIVE one-on-one online classes with the Music Pandit instructors. The uniqueness of this online music institute is that it trains students in techniques and concepts so that they learn to play or sing their chosen songs quickly and easily. Not only this, but students also learn ways to practice and master new songs in the future as well. The crux of their teaching philosophy is they understand how students pick up music and they use 360-degree techniques to teach music through curated step-by-step lessons.

This virtual institute is headed by specialists with over a century of combined experience in providing music education, music teaching methodology, music curriculum development, and music performance. Music Pandit is devoted to the sphere of music and is certain that nothing will distract them from it. They are firm believers in keeping their promises, in integrity, and in doing the right thing. As masters of originality, they learn and develop unique methods each and every day for their students, musicians, and educators. The institute is founded on the philosophy of teamwork and wants to become the best workspace for its employees who come from varied backgrounds, cultures, and ages.

Those enrolling for the regular and FREE courses at Music Pandit will not just be able to access the over 100+ videos of pre-recorded lessons but also get personalised feedback from the experienced and expert trainers here. Aspiring musicians can also learn multiple musical instruments and opt for more than one course at the same time. The advantages of learning music online from this institute are that students can learn at their own speed and from the convenience and safety of their own homes, anywhere across the globe, at a time of their choosing. In these times, a platform like this is. A life saver!

Those interested can also sample Music Pandit’s recent FREE videos and FREE blogs which provide a more in-depth idea about the academy and its trainers. The videos on the Music Pandit website teach students about the ‘Double Tapping Technique’ on the keyboard; ‘Expanding Your Vocal Range’ as a western vocalist;  to ‘Play Four Guitar Songs In Ten Minutes;’ ‘How To Play Chord Inversions On The Keyboard;’ and ‘How To Avoid Finger Pain On Guitar.’ The other topics these videos touch upon are ‘How To Build Piano Hand Independence;’ ‘3 Ways To Play 1 Song On The Guitar;’ ‘How To Correct Nasal Voice Sound;’ and ‘Give Me Some Sunshine’ keyboard tutorial and more!

Music Pandit

For more information on Music Pandit, please see the website www.musicpandit.com and/or contact their team via WhatsApp or phone on +919686211488.