Tamboora Strikes the Right Chord: A Dual Launch for Artistic Synergy

Delhi, India – Tamboora, the brainchild of Shashank Saxena and co-founded by Nikita Chhabra, is making waves in the artistic community with the simultaneous launch of two innovative platforms: Tamboora, a social network for artists, and Alekhyam, an online academy catering to art learners and teachers alike.

Shashank Saxena, a seasoned Performing and Teaching Artist with 15 years of experience, is the driving force behind Tamboora. His expertise spans various genres of Indian and Western music, and he has collaborated with global art figures and organizations. Shashank recognizes the challenges and strengths of artists, stressing the importance of unity and growth within the artistic community. Tamboora, with its diverse features, serves as a platform for musicians, visual artists, fans, and service providers to come together and thrive.

Nikita Chhabra, Co-Founder of Tamboora, brings her eight years of teaching experience to Alekhyam. Having taught sketching and painting to over 12,000 students online and offline, Nikita envisions making arts education affordable and accessible to all. However, it’s important to note that both Shashank and Nikita are actively involved in both platforms. Shashank’s extensive artistic background informs his contributions to Alekhyam, while Nikita’s teaching expertise influences Tamboora’s vision.

Tamboora and Alekhyam operate symbiotically, showcasing the founders’ dedication to fostering a supportive environment for art and artists. Shashank and Nikita, along with their team, are committed to addressing the personal, social, and economic aspects of art. Both platforms live up to their tagline “Jab Dekho Art,” focusing solely on the pure essence of art, free from bias and open to continuous improvement.

In addition to providing a haven for artists, Tamboora and Alekhyam have a philanthropic aspect. A commendable 5% of the monthly profits from both platforms contribute to animal welfare, showcasing the founders’ commitment to making a positive impact beyond the artistic realm.

Tamboora and Alekhyam transcend being mere apps; they represent a movement to unite, empower, and uplift the global artistic community. Governed by company laws, secured by advanced technologies, and simplified by artists like Shashank, Nikita, and their versatile team – which may include users-turned-collaborators – these platforms are driven by pure artistic intentions.

In a nutshell, Tamboora’s dual launch of a social network for artists and an online academy for art education marks a significant stride towards creating a more interconnected and supportive global artistic community. With Shashank Saxena’s vision for collaborative creativity and Nikita Chhabra’s commitment to accessible art education, Tamboora and Alekhyam promise to resonate with artists and learners worldwide. The apps are now available for download on Android and iOS platforms as ‘Tamboora – Art Social Network’ and ‘Alekhyam Arts’ inviting individuals to join the community and start a journey of artistic discovery growth.