Indian Artist Swati Ghosh Wins The ‘Arte and Cavallo Trofeo’ award In Milan, Italy For Her Artwork “Power of Energy”

Over the last several years, Swati Ghosh, a renowned Indian artist based in Kolkata, has won several awards and received appreciation from all quarters for her paintings and artworks. Now, she has added another feather to her cap by winning ‘The Art and Cavallo Trophy’ at an exhibition organized at the Snai San Siro Ippodrome race course in Milan, Italy. She and all other awarded artists were further honoured by naming one of the horse races winning trophies after their name. The event was organized and curated by Dt Roseli Crepaldi with the collaboration of her Milanese Gallery with ‘Snai San Siro Ippodrome’  a famous racecourse in Italy. Swati was awarded with the trophy in the presence of the respected Consul General Of India, Mrs ‘T. Ajungla Jamir’ in Milan, Italy and she was the only Indian artist to receive this award. Her husband Prasenjit Ghosh and son Priyanshu Ghosh accompanied her to the award ceremony.

Swati won this trophy for her unique oil painting titled ‘Power of Energy’. The painting portrays seven horses in front of a blazing Sun. As we all know, the sun serves as the primary source of energy for all living beings on earth and empowers the world with the necessary energy to sustain life. The rays of the Sun, which comprise of seven distinctive colours, illuminate the earth and dispel the presence of darkness. The painting reflects this energy of the sun being reflected through another symbol of power in the form of seven horses representing seven colours. and collectively represents a symbol of power and empowerment.

Talking about winning this prestigious trophy, Swati Says, “I  feel extremely happy and honoured to be awarded The Art and Cavallo Trophy while representing INDIA at international platform and to see that my efforts have been acknowledged and appreciated. I dedicate this award to my spiritual Guru Yogiraj Sri Shaktikinkar Laha Roy, my parents & family. Winning an award of this nature also motivates me to work harder and explore several aspects of my personality as an artist that have not come to the forefront yet.”.

Born in Jamshedpur, and raised in Kanpur, Swati and her sister Manojaba had an inclination towards fine arts from a very young age. Art, she believes, is a gift to her from her parents Partha Sarathi Roy Chowdhury and Parna Roy Chowdhury. Right from her childhood days in Kanpur, she managed to strike a balance between studies and art. Having graduated in science, and after her marriage, Swati decided to pursue a full-time career as an artist from her abode in Kolkata, where in she secured a Diploma in fine arts from London, took guidance from art tutors in Kolkata and also improvised her artistic skills through workshops in Singapore, Italy and Spain from renowned artists.“I wouldn’t have managed to do all this without the support of my family and mentors. They not only believed in my dreams but also helped me hone my skills and become a better artist with time. I feel every artist develops their distinctive style with time. With my seascapes and landscape paintings, I try to evoke a sense of visual grandeur. I use contrasting colors, textures and styles. I think I have found my voice as an artist but I want to experiment with several more ideas and styles in both landscapes and figurative art. I have always been very curious about art and that has helped me move forward in this direction”, says Swati.

Presently, her artworks are on display in an ongoing exhibition at Ikonica Gallery, Milan, Italy. The exhibition started on 3th and will continue until the 13th of this month.

Swati’s artworks have also been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums around the world including India, Norway, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland, Vatican Chancellery Palace, New York and the Maldives. By winning several prestigious awards and getting her work showcased in some of the most prestigious exhibitions across the world on her own merit, Swati has proved that she is an Indian artist whose work caters to a global audience.

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