Author RuskBond Felicitates Ei ASSET Students and Schools at the Super Thinker 2021-22 Awards

Bangalore, February 28, 2022: Ei – Educational Initiatives, an edtech solution provider recently concluded an online ceremony to recognize and celebrate the bright young Super Thinkers and the Educators that helped create them.

Quality education is as important as any basic necessities for every child. In order to ensure that children everywhere learn with understanding, it is imperative that we test the conceptual clarity and understanding of students. Once learning gaps are identified, they can be individually addressed and rectified.

Pranav Kothari, the CEO, and Sridhar Rajagopalan, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, together with the esteemed author Mr. Ruskin Bond, felicitated the Super Thinkers as well as the Hubs of Super Thinkers. The winners were chosen from among a multitude of students and the participating schools who took the Ei ASSET assessment across Maths, Science, English, Social Science, and Hindi. As part of the ceremony, an interactive session with Mr. Ruskin Bond was held wherein, he spoke about his journey as an author and his own experiences as a young student.

“Our guiding philosophy at Ei is ensuring that children everywhere are learning with understanding. We wanted to show our appreciation to you in sharing and nurturing the same ideals as we help each other create a better future for our students,” said Pranav, as he and Mr Ruskin Bond recognized the national Hubs of Super Thinkers – the elite list of schools that produced the best Super Thinkers in the country. The invitees included the leaders of the winning schools as well as those of the top 50 schools that performed well in Ei ASSET.

While students and their parents are highly motivated and hardworking, they work under a system of rote-learning which may have worked well in the past but would not hold true for the future. Sridhar addressed this during the event and explained how his journey to revamp the education system started with his own analysis of how students were taught, an analysis that began over 20 years ago, and continues to this day. He described how ASSET, a direct result of this analysis, was designed to diagnose and identify problem areas and provide individualised feedback to students and teachers so that they could see the areas where they needed to improve and work effectively towards it.

The event saw hearty participation from both Mr. Ruskin Bond as well as the felicitated prize winners. Excitement was especially high among the younger members of the winners who were thrilled to hear their names being called forth by Mr. Bond as they were congratulated and encouraged to continue scaling new heights in their learning journey.

The event ended with an address by Jayanti Dasgupta, Head of National sales and also an educator herself, congratulating the students and the institutions. “We are sowing the seeds of a new society where scientific temper lays the path ahead for great inventions and discoveries. I am sure, we can realise our dreams of such society while learning and collaborating together to usher new advances and opportunities to our students,” she said as a concluding statement and thanked everyone for attending.

About Ei

Enhancing Learning Outcomes

Ei (Educational Initiatives) is an EdTech company that leverages the twin levers of cutting-edge research and technology-based solutions approach to revolutionise how children engaged in the K-12 education space learn. Our vision is to create a world in which children everywhere learn with understanding. Our goal is to reach a multitude of children across different strata of society, irrespective of the education they are receiving today or the curriculum they are following.

We achieve this goal by building products that focus on diagnostic assessment and personalised learning. Our learning platforms cull relevant and customised intelligence from over five billion data points to deliver content in the form of questions, activities, games and videos to assess a student’s learning level and provide explanations, feedback and learning inputs for all stakeholders. This data treasure has been built over two decades and is one-of-its-kind in the education industry.

We believe in a scientific approach to conceptualising, designing and building our products. This stems from a dream to discover SCIENCE OF LEARNING that can systematically be made available to teachers. Ei’s mission is to build this ‘Science of Learning’ which provides a repository of data and techniques that can be used by teachers to help children learn better – a big improvement over today’s situation where teachers struggle alone to help students learn. Ei’s work on assessment and learning has already helped create banks of misconceptions, common student errors and the like and these are being shared as usable insights.