SiM well known for Attack on Titan, The Final Season Part 2 op song, moved their label to PONY CANYON!

(NewswireOnline):- The much-anticipated TV anime series “Attack on Titan, Final Season Part 2” started airing in Japan on the 10th of January through NHK General TV. With the TV series on air, the artist behind its opening theme song has been revealed. Viewers found out that Reggae and Punk band, (SiM) created the title song of this anime, ‘The Rumbling’.

The original Attack on Titan story inspired vocalist MAH to create this song. The title ‘The Rumbling’ was picked from the strong impression the scenes in the latest season of the TV series had on them. This TV edition of the song has been released on the 10th of January through various music streaming and download services. Simultaneously, the announcement of SiM moving to the label PONY CANYON has officially been announced.

SiM kickstarted their new year with big news about this amazing collaboration with the popular anime franchise, and their transfer of music label. People cannot stop talking about their new adventures this year and it all appears to be just a beginning.

■ About ‘The Rumbling’

The broadcasting started at 24:05 on Sunday the 9th of January in Japan. The opening theme song of “Attack on Titan, The Final Season Part2”

Title of the Song ‘The Rumbling’

Artist: SiM

Lyrics: MAH

Music・Arrangement: SiM

■ Information about the release

SiM ‘The Rumbling (TV Size)’ has been released through various music streaming and download services.

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