students walking
Back view of a group of high school students walking down the hallway and talking

(NewswireOnline):In our busy lives we fail to notice the complexity of things around us. Adults live in a simple way in which they earn and spend their money as they wish to. They work for themselves and their loved ones and life goes on with it’s usual pattern.

On the other hand, teenagers everywhere around the world fail to strike a balance between their social life and real life. Some get so lost in studies that they are the so called nerds of the school, some aren’t focused and lose themselves to the dark side if the world, others fail to understand the reality. This is the complexity every student has to through. Some of the best memories are created during school life, one should know the balance between things around them.

It’s a long ride from being a student to an adult, being adult is not easy either. The moment you cross 20, people see you with a different eye. You are supposed to start being self sufficient and the expectations don’t end. The world is a funny place, one moment you’re a child who is going to school, letting life proceed by it’s own pattern and suddenly you are an elder person struggling to decide a future for yourself.

The best years are in school when every problem can be solved with just the involvement of your friends. It’s a beautiful feeling when you see how long you’ve come since you went to school. As they say memories, art and love is what we live for, rest comes and goes.

These are the things we always need to remember- student life proceeds by it’s own pace, there will be ups and downs and that is the experience we need to carry on in our life. It is what makes us whole and what makes us strong enough to let everything flow.

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