Staying ahead of the curve, marketing strategies that make LEAD powered schools successful

COVID-19 has resulted in schools shutting all across the world. This has resulted in immense revenue losses and even permanent or temporary school closures. To keep up, schools need to go beyond the traditional way of operating and adopt innovation that can help them ride this change successfully. Doing so will help schools access the latest curriculum, pedagogy, and technology.

LEAD, India’s number one Academic and Marketing Solutions provider, has emerged with a promise to help Indian schools thrive in every situation. When a school partners with LEAD, they get all the marketing support they require through digital and traditional mediums. In addition, LEAD Powered schools get support in their admission process where their team helps spread the word in the local communities. Also, to build credibility and trust among existing and prospective parents, sessions via the ‘Experience Hub’ are conducted that encourage parents to enrol their children in the institution.

LEAD also recently launched a dedicated School Admissions Marketing Product ENROL that makes receiving and managing admissions enquiries easy and efficient for schools.

Schools that have subscribed to ENROL, benefit from

* Increased visibility for their school

* Higher quality admission enquiries and walk-ins

* Maximization of lead conversions from admission enquiries

LEAD, a brainchild of Sumeet Mehta and Smita Deorah was established in 2012. Since its inception, LEAD has transformed education for over 1.2 million students in 3000-plus schools across 400-plus cities in India. LEAD is on a mission to provide excellent and affordable education to 25 million children across India by 2026 by partnering with schools.

LEAD Powered schools are benefiting from :

* International standard curriculum benchmarked with Singapore, US, and Canada education systems

* Quality teaching with 100 per cent Trained & Certified Teachers & Digital lesson plans

* Representation of the school in National Level Events such as LEAD Championships and LEAD School Awards etc.

* Partnership with India’s Largest School Network

LEAD provides integrated support to all its school partners. Its comprehensive action plan makes schools future-ready and robust so that they can thrive in every circumstance–learning at home, in-school learning, or a hybrid model.

LEAD offers three levels of support to its partner schools:

* Administrative

* Academic

* Admissions

This support ensures continuity of learning and addresses administrative gaps. Additionally, LEAD’s Academic Excellence team aids the partner schools in implementing the technology and lesson plans and trains teachers with requisite skills.

Embedding technology within their infrastructure helps schools enhance learning outcomes and school functioning. It’s time that schools in India create a nimble, responsive, and high-quality system to prepare the next generation of leaders.

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