SPS Global Services Specialise In Handling Apostille Certification And Document Authentication

Planning international visits? The process of moving to a new country is overwhelming. One thing that one should always consider as a priority is apostille and attestation services. As per the Hague Convention, the documents should be verified and attested by the concerned authorities if you are travelling to a member country of the Hague Convention.

Usually, people plan to shift to a new country for education, business or personal reasons. In all these cases, the foreign country will ask for the attested documents from the consulate in the home country. The complete process of apostille certification and document authentication is complex. This is the reason people ask for help from experts for apostille services in Bangalore. What does the process include? Why do you need assistance?

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is a government agency responsible for document authentication when you plan to travel abroad. The process of attestation starts with the verification by the State Government and is then followed by the Ministry of External Affair.

Need help? Looking for the best apostille services in Chennai? If yes, then head to SPS Global Services. With an extensive experience of more than a decade, they are known for delivering the best. They understand the requirements of their customers and help them to get study visas, work visas, tourist visas and the PR process by completing the document attestation process faster. Known for providing the best services, they are trusted by their customers for quick, immediate attestation and verification processes by the high authorities. As India is a linguistically diverse country, most of the time the original documents are available in the regional language and need translations. They offer translation services and translate documents into foreign dialects.

By making the customers their priority, they have been ruling the industry for more than a decade. India has been a member of the Hague Convention since 2005, which allows Indians to use the attested and apostilled copies of their documents in the 105 countries (part of the Hague Convention). All the member countries like India accept apostille documents. It is recommended to get the personal documents apostilled including birth certificates, educational certificates, and marriage certificates. If you plan to set up the business, get the relevant business documents such as partnership deeds authenticated. So, depending on the purpose of your visit make sure to get the documents attested and authenticated. Let’s dig into how SPS Global Services can help you with the best services at the most affordable prices. Below are the different apostille services offered by SPS Global Services –

Degree Certificate Apostille – The experts of SPS Global Services help to get the educational documents authenticated including degrees, diplomas, high school and any other education certificate. The apostille stamp and the unique identification number at the back of the document make the document accepted in all the Hague Convention member countries.

Marriage Certificate Apostille – Most countries ask for the marriage certificate in different situations such as the death of a spouse, applying for dual citizenship, investment in foreign property, inheritance of property and settlement in a foreign country. It is an important document in the whole process of immigration. In this process, SPS Global Services can help you to get the apostille stamp on the marriage certificate.

Birth Certificate Apostille – When it comes to applying for higher studies in international universities and getting a student visa, the applicants need to get the apostille services for the birth certificate. This apostilled document is important for applying for a work visa, student visa, business-related activities and Permanent Residency.

Commercial Certificate Apostille – SPS Global Services can help you get your commercial documents apostilled. The original documents including the GMP Certificate, Invoice, Power of Attorney, Board Resolution, Commercial Agreements, Registration Certificate and other commercial documents need to be apostilled when you want to set up business in any Hauge convention member country.

Single Status Certificate Apostille – If anyone plans to marry in a foreign land then the government can check the marital status of that person. In this case, getting the single status certificate is important which declares that the person is eligible to marry with the single status. The single status certificate apostille prevents any fraud of remarrying if already married.

Police Clearance Certificate – It is crucial to declare that the person is not involved in any illegal activities. So, before travelling to any Hague Convention countries, the PCC certificate apostille is required for immigration purposes, the PR process, long-term visas and employment visas. SPS Global Services can help with the best apostille services in your city.

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