Dynamism in Action, Spiritual at Heart- A Fine Balance

11 March 2020 (Newswire Online) Her journey and tryst with social work and spirituality began 13 years ago. Little did she know that her calling was much higher and for the larger good. Meet Dr.NehaMiglani, a Media Analyst- a Researcher-an Editor and an Art of Living teacher who has helped thousands of youngsters shun the path of addictions and resort to meditation instead.  


Young, dynamic, strong-willed, soft-hearted, grounded, contributive, and beautiful- this is how one can describe her personality. Her multifaceted persona and string of achievements are what makes her worthy of being cited as an empowered woman. “I have only been following my inner calling and floating where life takes. All I do is- give my best to the situation at hand,” she smiles and responds.

Neha has been conducting the Art of Living programs for a decade now and takes pride in her spiritual endeavor. Over 10,000 youngsters have undergone mediation programs with her, and many testify having left addictions, alcohol, and smoking afterward. More recently, nearly 1700 policemen have done SudarshanKriya, a powerful and spiritual breathing technique with her and shared how immensely de-stressing the workshops were for them. The ‘Stress Relief and Wellness Focused Training’ batches conducted for Chandigarh police were unprecedented, and the first of its kind in India, she shares.

“The inspiration and source are my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. His teachings and programs brought a profound shift in me. From a space of taking to giving- I learned this from him. I feel he is the greatest inspiration of our times, a global leader and a superhero,” says Neha.

Her relationship with media and spirituality is a rare combination. One does not find too many media people who are ardent meditators. “Striking a fine balance and using spiritual energy to excel in the world is what I learned from him,” she adds.

Having received the best of education, a Ph.D. and Post-Doctorate in Journalism, Neha felt the need to contribute to lesser privileged children in her vicinity. From adopting children for schooling in Dhanas village to heading anti-plastic campaigns, and more lately spearheading skill-training batches for lesser privileged women- she has led several seva projects in the city and involved youngsters to volunteer with her. “It’s nice to utilize youthful energy for the betterment of our country. Rather than falling in bad company, it is better if they use their time and energy to uplift others,” she shares.

“I feel fortunate to be of some use to society. Nature has chosen an exclusive role for each one of us. Contribution and quantum of service are also pre-decided, I feel. We only need to realize our purpose. I found mine through my master,” adds Neha.


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