SPDS – Disso India 2020 – Online International Conference attended by over 3000 professionals from Pharma companies and Academia

(Newswire Online )  The 4th   and the concluding day of Disso India 2020 was very special as Dr. V. G. Somani, Drugs Controller General of India delivered the Chief Guest Address and Inaugurated the Conference officially.  Dr. Somani during his address mentioned that in Post- COVID 19 healthcare Industry, the Invention of new methodology, Faster research, and Innovation in medicines will be critical. He also mentioned that India Pharmaceutical Industry will play a key role globally. While welcoming The DCGI, Dr L.Ramaswamy, General Secretary – SPDS  & the Managing Director of Sotax India made two announcements.


  1. SPDS has decided to set up a Centre of Excellence for Dissolution Testing, Training  & Applications in which Dr. Ramaswamy requested the Drug Controller, Dr.V.G.Somani to be the first Patron of the Centre which he willingly accepted and assured his full support.
  2. SPDS announced the forthcoming publication of the second edition of the Desk Book on Dissolution Science in which 20 plus chapters were authored by more than 30  experts from various parts of the Globe. This Deskbook is a comprehensive deskbook addressing dissolution/ in vitro release testing procedures. Special Prepublication price was also announced for all attendees of Disso India 2020

conducted every year, this flagship conference by The Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science (SPDS) is being attended by Pharmaceutical  R&D, QA, and QC as well as academia professionals from India & abroad, involving speakers from the US, Europe, and Asia. This year, due to the Covid-19, Pandemic, the International Conference is being conducted online from 13 -16 May 2020 (14.30 hrs to 18 30 hrs, IST & Re Webcasting done on the same day from 20.30 hrs to 00.30 hrs).


The theme of the event was “Dissolution as a Quality Assurance tool for Product Development, Approval, and Batch Releases”


Disso India- 2020 Online had 15 lectures from eminent professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry from around the world as well as academia. The Online conference which discussed various advances and developments related to dissolution science and its applications was attended by over 3000 professionals from Pharma R&D, QA, QC, and academia across the globe.


The scientific sessions were programmed and executed under the Chairmanship of Professor Arvind Bansal, Head-Department of Pharmaceutics, NIPER, SAS Nagar, and the Co-Chair-Dr. Vinod .P.Shah, Ex-US FDA and Pharmaceutical Consultant, USA. The Scientific Programme was divided into 4 different modules.

Disso India 2020  Started with Dr.  Suresh Bhojraj, Prochancellor – JSS Academy of  Higher Education & Research and President of the Pharmacy Council of India, giving his guest of Honor  Address. Day 1 Session was discussed Recent Advances in Dissolution Science and Testing and had Dr. Vinod P Shah, (Ex-USFDA), Pharmaceutical Consultant, USA  and  Kempf Juergen, Business Development Manager, Sotax AG, Switzerland.


On the second day, Shri H.G Koshia, FDCA Commissioner, Gujarat graced the event. This session discussed Regulatory Aspects of Dissolution Testing and Method Development Strategy. Various interesting topics like Regulatory Compliance Challenges & Issues Related to Dissolution Testing & Studies by Vijay Kshirsagar, CEO  & President, TRAC Consulting, India. Dissolution testing post-COVID-19 by Dr. Leong Chuei Wuei, CEXA Consultancy, Malaysia, The Future of Clinically Relevant Dissolution Testing and Physiologically Based Biopharmaceutics Modeling (PBBM/PBPK) in Drug Product Development, Manufacturing Changes & Controls by Dr. Sandra Suarez-Sharp, Vice President – Regulatory Affairs, Simulations Plus, Inc., USA and Harmonization of CMC area of dissolution, EU/US perspectives, including new FDA guidances and USP Chapters and Monographs. EU/US perspectives, including new FDA by Vivian A. Gray , V. A. Gray Consulting, Inc., USA

Mr. Ajit Singh, Chairman ACG Group, gave the guest address on the 3rd Day session on Dissolution for Novel Drug Delivery Systems. Topics discussed were Dissolution Testing Methodologies For Nanomedicines by Prof Padma Devarajan, Professor in Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. In Vitro Testing of Non-Conventional dosage forms by Samir Haddouchi, Managing Director, SPS Pharma Services, France, IVIVC for specific products Example of injectable SR formulations, Importance of setting the right dissolution method -by Prof. Jean Michel Cardot, Professor and Head of the Department of Biopharmaceutics and  Pharmaceutical Technology, Clermont Auvergne University, France.  Development of IVIVCs for Complex parenteral products such as microspheres by Prof Diane Burgess, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics, University of Connecticut USA.


The 4th Session focussed on Material properties and formulation development. Topics discussed were Ternary Amorphous Solid Dispersions for Solubility Enhancement by Dr Arvind K Bansal, Professor & Head, Department Of Pharmaceutics,NIPER SAS Nagar,  India. Influence of Particle Characteristics on Dissolution Testing by Sandeep Kulkarni, Director, Image Provision Technology, India. IDAS – In Vitro Dissolution and Absorption Systems to Evaluate Impact of Dissolution on Permeation & Absorption by Dr. Vatsala Nageshwaran, Chief Business Officer, Absorption Systems, USA. Dissolution Testing: Enhanced Learnings S from DISSO2020 !! by Dr. Umesh Banakar, Banakar Consulting, USA.


Dr. Ramaswamy, General Secretary SPDS announced that there will be an online Poster presentation competition organized for Academia especially for M.Pharm and Ph.D. Scholars during the first week of June 2020 in all the four zones of India. In addition to this, a special book “Addressing Post Corona Recruitment Challenges in Pharma Industry” was announced. The Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science (SPDS), an organisation which was formed only eight years back and has gained international presence and acceptance in a short span of time.

A Registered NGO, SPDS was formed on 16th July 2012 in Mumbai with the objective of promoting Science and Technological Development in the field of Dissolution Science among pharmaceutical professionals, Academia, Students, Regulatory Bodies, etc. SPDS is the only professional body dedicated to Dissolution and its application worldwide. SPDS envisions being one of the most prominent organizations focusing on Dissolution Science among the Pharmaceutical Industry and Academia.

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