Space Zone India plans 2026 commercial rocket launch with Cube Satellite for Edutech4Space, sealing the deal at DoubleTree By Hilton, Al Jaddaf, Dubai

In a significant stride towards fostering international collaboration in the realm of aerospace technology, Space Zone India, renowned for launching India’s first hybrid rocket, has entered into a transformative Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with EduTech4Space, a Dubai-based aerospace company. The historic agreement, signed on the 27th of January 2024, at the DoubleTree By Hilton, Al Jaddaf, Dubai, UAE, under the watchful eyes of distinguished dignitaries, marks a momentous collaboration that holds the promise of shaping the future of space exploration.

The signing ceremony, graced by the august presence of Padmasree Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, the Moon Man of India, Kalimuthu, Consulate General of India, Dubai, Dr. TM Guna Raja, Centennial President, The Institution of Engineers (India), Member & Past Chairman, WFEO-CIC, and Er. A. Ali Akbar, President- GTEF UAE, brought together key stakeholders in the aerospace and engineering community.

Space Zone India has consistently demonstrated pioneering leadership in the aerospace sector, with the accolade of launching India’s first hybrid rocket underscoring its commitment to technological innovation. Dr. Anand Megalingam, the visionary CEO of Space Zone India, has been at the forefront of steering the company towards new horizons, embodying a spirit of exploration and cutting-edge research.

Complementing the prowess of Space Zone India is EduTech4Space, a Dubai-based aerospace company led by Sree Sudha. EduTech4Space has garnered acclaim for its commitment to education, technology, and pushing the boundaries of space-related endeavours. This collaboration signifies the coming together of two entities dedicated to advancing the frontiers of aerospace technology.

The MoU inked between Space Zone India and EduTech4Space outlines a strategic partnership that extends beyond mere collaboration. One of the significant outcomes of this agreement is Space Zone India had scheduled for the first commercial launch of its Hybrid Rocket by and providing the launch vehicle facilities for EduTech4Space, facilitating the launch of their Cube Satellites with diverse payloads. This marks a step towards commercializing the hybrid rocket technology. Venture, stating, “This collaboration represents a convergence of capabilities, a pooling of resources that propels us towards new heights in the aerospace industry. The Space Zone India’s scheduled commercial launch in 2026 is a testament to the strides we are making in commercializing hybrid rocket technology.”

The presence of luminaries such as Padmasree Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, Kalimuthu, Dr. TM Guna Raja, and Er. A. Ali Akbar at the signing ceremony added a layer of prestige and international recognition to the collaboration. Their collective expertise and guidance are poised to shape the trajectory of this partnership towards unprecedented success.

The MoU between Space Zone India and EduTech4Space transcends traditional partnerships, heralding a new era in aerospace collaboration. The commitment in commercializing hybrid rocket technology and launching CubeSatellites reflects the shared vision of both entities in advancing space exploration, technology and education.

As the collaborative journey unfolds, the aerospace community watches with anticipation, recognizing the potential of this partnership to redefine the future of space exploration. Space Zone India and EduTech4Space, guided by visionary leadership and supported by an illustrious assembly of dignitaries, stand poised to pioneer new frontiers in the boundless expanse of aerospace technology.