Skillathon Helping Techies Move Away From Career Stagnation

14-10-2019, ( Newswire Online) Did you know that the unemployment rate of India has risen up to 7.8% this June, the numbers being the highest recorded in the last 33 months? This 7.8% is almost double the last low point. Well, it is no big secret that India mass produces most of the engineers of the world. But with technology going through rapid phases of innovation, the need for people to upgrade their skill set and keep up with this technological innovation is also rising by the day. In other words, the technological world demands the new age techies to keep upskilling with every emerging innovation. As of the present era, we all know how data science and machine learning are the showstopper-careers of the current and the next couple of decades. There are n number of vacant positions in the said fields despite the availability of a number of engineers who are looking to build a career in these areas of work. Don’t you think this equation of unemployment and vacant job openings is out of balance?

In order to balance this equation and thus solve the problem of unemployment, Mr Siddhartha Mokka is bringing forward to all the data science and machine learning enthusiasts out there an opportunity to upskill and thereby fulfil all the requirements and skill demands of the tech industries. Skillathon, the World’s First AI Education Accelerator, is this founder’s initiative to provide quality education in the areas of data science and machine learning to every budding data science and machine learning enthusiast out there.

Through Skillathon, Siddhartha aims towards providing quality means of learning to every community by charging “Zero Upfront Fee” and thus giving everyone an equal opportunity to upskill and make it big in their career. With Skillathon now out in the market, we hope that we can help the young engineers of today make it big in their data science and machine learning careers.