Signature Visas helps Individuals and Families for Permanent Residency (PR) Immigration to Canada

Canada is becoming one of the most preferred countries for Indians for immigration, including Permanent Residency. Canada Permanent Resident (PR) visa is one of the best ways to migrate to Canada. Canada provides a good quality of life. There are new prospects for work, study, and the beginning of a new life in Canada. Canada is inviting 1 million immigrants till 2020, and Signature Visas can help in getting a Canada Permanent Residency under the new Canada PR Visa 2019 rules.

Each immigration program has its own rules, criteria, and requirements. The applicant must meet the minimum requirements for applying for the Canadian residency and provincial nominee program. Signature Visas makes it easy for you to asses your eligibility for the Canada PR immigration 2019. Visit, and check your eligibility.

“We are committed to helping our clients in assisting them to achieve Canada Permanent Residency (PR)” says, Mr. Pawandeep, CEO of Signature Visas.

Signature Visas, one of the best immigration consultants in India, provides a wide range of Canada Immigration services for individuals and families that are interested in Immigration to Canada and getting Permanent Residency in Canada and Canada express entry.

Canada permanent resident visa is the status of a Permanent Resident of Canada allowing foreigners to live, work, study, and conduct any other legitimate activities in Canada without having Canadian citizenship.

Permanent resident status (Permanent Residence) has a validity period; the holder of this status is obliged to extend this status each time it expires. The Permanent Resident has the right to reside in Canada throughout his life, but he is required to stay in Canada for a total of 2 years from each subsequent five years. If this condition is violated, the Permanent Resident risks losing their status.

A permanent resident of Canada has almost the same rights and obligations as citizens of Canada. The holder of this status has the right to free movement throughout Canada, have a residence anywhere in Canada, he/she has the right to legal guarantees and procedure, the right to education, the right to work in any private enterprises, and the right to work in federal or provincial institutions (excluding some posts). Moreover, the holder of the Permanent Residence status can obtain permission to serve in CAF (Canadian Armed Forces – Canadian Armed Forces) through a special security commission.

“At Signature Visas, we carefully study each client’s file before starting the immigration process. A preliminary analysis and correct scoring allow us to assess the chances of immigrating to Canada and choose the best program for our clients.”, says Mr. Pawandeep, CEO of Signature Visas.

Successful immigration to Canada depends, first of all, on the right strategy and the choice of the most suitable immigration program. Signature Visas employees have Canadian licenses, and Canadian Licensed Immigration Consultants process their clients’ immigration files.

Signature Visa’s individual approach to each client and selection of the best immigration program based on personal data of the client makes it one of the leading PR Canada Visa consultants in India.

Signature Visas makes sure that its clients’ immigration process is conducted and formalized only by professionals with many years of experience, Lawyers, and Canadian Licensed Immigration Consultants.

“Our employees are professionals in their fields and specialize in all Canada Immigration Programs. We guarantee reliable and high-quality registration of your immigration or visa file.”, says  Mr. Pawandeep, CEO of Signature Visas.

In addition to Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Consultation, Signature Visas also offers consultant services on all other Canada immigration programs, including applying for work, student and other visas to Canada.

About Signature Visas

Signature Visas is one of the premier immigration consultants based in Delhi.  Signature Visas offers world-class professional services essential in processing visas Canada Permanent Residency, Australia, and several other countries worldwide. It is one of the leading Canada Permanent Residency Immigration company comprising of an immensely talented and experienced team of experts who carefully take good care of clients cases. The company provides a streak of services ranging from Canada PR, Express Entry visa Travel Visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, etc.

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