The best choice for Summer – Shree Guruji’s Yummy and tasty summer drinks

Shree guruji— where quality meets purity!  Swad bhi………. Sehat bhi!

Shree Guruji Products Presents an elite range of thandai, fresh fruit squashes, sharbat, and crushes satiating the food connoisseurs around the globe with the goodness of nature and delightful flavors. Assured goodness of pure tasty fruits bottled in a hygienic and high-tech facility to quench your thirst. Traditional taste, conventional preparation & dependable quality bring to you  Superior, Exclusive, and distinctive infusions to the charm of every home this summer!

Shree Guruji holds a gigantic experience of more than 30+ years that puts them in the front row by manufacturing nature base and dry fruit base products which are also known as Ayurvedic products promoting Ayurvedic health too.

To Beat the heat this summer, choose from a gamut of healthy, pure, and tasty flavors that can relieve you from dehydration with a twist of flavorful drinks. Thandai, their signature additive comes in a number of delicious flavors, is the most soothing drink to the gut for summers.

Taste the Luscious Mango Flavor, Pure Bliss in Every Sip or indulge in ultimate summer coolness with the lemony Power of  refreshment, crack the remedy for heat strokes with the goodness of keri (raw mango) & coolness of pudina(mint). Not to miss the sweet fresh aroma of real rose petals in Gul-e-Gulzar, the tasty drink additive that freshes with medicinal benefits.

These are just a few of the wide range of exquisite novelty products that Shree Guruji offers. Must Try!