Shiksha Mission: making e-learning affordable for all!

Shiksha Mission
Shiksha Mission

(NewswireOnline):- The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many sectors, education being one of them. It was imperative to close the educational institutes in order to keep students and the staff safe. On the other hand, it was also necessary to keep the classes running without any interruptions to eliminate the chances of compromising the whole academic year of the students. Conducting online classes is a suitable option to opt for in the current scenario. Many educational institutes have shifted to the e-learning platforms which seems feasible, but is it for everyone?

E-learning platforms are expensive and need resources that only a particular section of the society can afford. Effective in metro cities, e-learning platform can often fail to make a consumer base in remote areas, small towns and villages. Due to the expensive subscription packages, many children were deprived of the opportunity to continue their studies without any interruptions during the lockdown. Parents were pressured to adopt the e-learning pattern which was beyond their financial reach.

Shiksha Mission
Shiksha Mission

Shiksha Mission believes in equality of education which can only be achieved once education becomes affordable for all, be e-learning or the traditional. Making e-learning accessible and affordable for all is what Shiksha Mission aims to implement. Considering the current economic scenario of the country and keeping in mind the affordability of suburban and rural residents Shiksha Mission has announced pocket-friendly packages for not only educational course modules but also extracurricular activities.

The e-learning platform offers mindfully curated course modules for classes 2nd-12th under nominal subscription charges. Students can enrol themselves and continue their studies as per their convenience. Shiksha Mission also offers a personal security cover to enrolled students. The perfect gift of security and education; a significant step towards a secure future. The classes are conducted in Hindi in order to reach a wider spectrum of students and help them understand better. English is used in communication as per requirement and interpretations.

The platform also offers extra-curricular lessons like dance, personality development and spoken English. The platform takes a holistic approach of development by offering educational as well as extracurricular course modules. The combination of education and extracurricular makes the platform fit for ages 5-40. There’s no age to start learning something new because every day brings a new opportunity.

To make the dream of digital India come true, it is imperative to make e-learning accessible to all, but without making it affordable, it will still be far-fetched. Shiksha Mission is an initiative that contributes to the same goal. E-learning is the need for the future and to adopt the new education patterns is the need of the hour, but not at the cost of financial pressure and stress.

Keeping in mind the players of e-learning platforms and apps, Shiksha Mission is easy on the pockets, equipped with course modules that are suitable for classes 2nd – 12th and offers security cover to enrolled students.  It is accessible in metros, small towns, cities as well as villages.  Along with being accessible, it also creates awareness regarding equality of education and states that education is essential for everyone, irrespective of their gender, age or financial background.

John Salvador, the founder of Shiksha Mission aims to provide equal opportunities to every child while keeping the whole process transparent. It will not only help in raising the literacy rate but with proper education, students will be able to lead a life of dignity and stability.

By choosing Shiksha Mission, you not only take a step towards a brighter future but also contribute to the cause of equality of education. It is not just an e-learning platform, it is also an initiative to open doors of opportunities for the vulnerable and downtrodden.

Let’s learn together and grow together.

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