Clean Beauty Product Curation Platform, Wohk, Raises Pre-seed Funding By Private Investor At A Valuation Of ₹10 Million

Wohk – La Clean Beauty Store, one of the younger players of the fast-growing Indian clean beauty industry, has raised pre-seed funding of an undisclosed amount at a valuation of ₹10 million from a seasoned investor. Wohk was bootstrapped until now. This marks the first investment into the platform, which is still in the pilot stage, reiterating the potential of the beauty industry, even after the blockbuster IPO of Nykaa.

Funds raised will be utilized for scaling up and strengthening the operations of Wohk, upgrading technology, and also boosting partner listing to establish itself as a major alternative clean beauty marketplace to existing players in the space like Sublime Life, Vanity Wagon & Kindlife.

Wohk is a curation platform of clean beauty products that use safe ingredients, practice ethical sourcing, cruelty-free making, and eco-friendly packaging. It already partnered with the hottest brands in the space like Plink, Unsweetened Beauty, Bare Minimum, Amayra Naturals & Ancient Living.

“We are very passionate about what we do, and having investors who can see our vision is definitely a great start. We might be a new player, but we are trying to fill the gaps that are left unfilled in the market. We are working on a clean beauty framework that would enhance user experience and the quality of products we curate. There is a tremendous growth opportunity in the space as consumers are turning very conscious about the products they use and the impact of those on the environment.” said Priyanka Velamakuru, CEO of Wohk.

As we are seeing a big paradigm shift towards clean beauty products made with safe ingredients that are sourced ethically and are cruelty-free, the large multinational companies that have traditionally dominated the beauty market have started facing heat from the rise of new-age e-commerce players like Wohk and increased consumer awareness.

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