Technological Revolution: Reecocefe pledges to take Indian Construction to new heights

Adopting the latest technological trends in construction procedures is not uncommon for Reecocefe, and in a way, it is helping us in bettering our future.

The process of automation is now common for every sector in the industry. The construction industry also did not falsify the truth of gaining progress with the hand of technology. Hence, it is the first priority being set by Reecocefe to ensure a better future for the country. India, although a developing country but does never put its leg behind in adopting new work culture. But still, the Indian industry has to go far for reaching up to the level of other developed nations of the world such as the US, Canada, and Australia to adopt the newer tech. But, there are some promising start-ups like Reecocefe which is taking all possible endeavours to create a new India with the latest technologies. Even it will not be an exaggeration to say that Reecocefe is the only company in India that is delivering high-quality construction solutions to its clients by using all the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, XR, BIM, NLP, machine learning, offsite construction, Advanced building materials, construction monitoring, innovative tools and machinery, etc.

Reecocefe, founded by Abinash Panda in the year 2022, is the best construction service provider one can opt for. There are several reasons to justify this statement. Firstly, what does a person wants when he looks for a construction company? The two main criteria for which he is concerned are the cost and duration of the project. He wants to have a clear picture of the whole story in advance so that he can be sure about the end result. Reecocefe makes this possible with its XR technology. The company uses AI technology to calculate the time span of the whole project in advance. All work is done by following the predefined rules and using specially designed applications by Reecocefe that reduces the time of the construction. This ensures that there is no delay in the whole procedure of a construction assignment which in turn reduces the overall expense of the project. Along with the same, Reecocefe has AI integrated application which is used to monitor and reduce construction delays due to late supply of materials, idle time, loading and unloading of materials, etc. Nearest hub of resources and raw materials is approached by the company to reduce material acquiring time. The clients are kept at the topmost priority at Reecocefe. The company undertakes best practices to give value to each penny spent by its customers. For the same reason, the company has invested in various technologies so that it can provide extraordinary services to the clients which they cannot get from other construction players in the market.

Along with fulfilling the requirements of the clients, Reecocefe also made sure that the whole country can be benefited from its practices. To reach this fruit, Reecocefe undertook eco-friendly construction procedures. The company wants the nation to fulfil its target of becoming a carbon-neutral country by 2050 as promised at the COP26 summit. It is due to this reason, Reecocefe uses eco-friendly construction materials such as structured bamboo products, Plant-Based Polyurethane, Reclaimed Wood, Cross-Laminated Timber, Recycled Rubber, steel, etc. to reduce carbon footprint. As a construction company, the maximum efforts that any company should make for the environment is made by Reecocefe. Not only this, but to boast up employment rate of the nation, Reecocefe is creating new job opportunities.

When we talk about work opportunities, the women’s sector is the one that suffers a lot due to limited job opportunities given to them. But as a socially concerned company, Reecocefe makes sure that more than 80 to 90% of its employment spaces should be filled by women. Strict policies are made against workplace harassment and discrimination. Female favourable policy such as allowing 1 day menstrual leaves shows supportive work culture of the company.

Workers and employees are the lifeblood at Reecocefe. They are the most crucial asset of the company and the company never ignored its responsibility towards them. The safety of workers is very important for which AI-driven technologies and applications are used by Reecocefe by which remote monitoring can be done. Even to avoid the slightest probability of any disaster at the construction site, the company uses various methods such as blockchain technology, automation methods, drone surveillance, and wearables such as helmets, smart watches, VR headsets, and hearing aids.

The crux that makes Reecocefe different from other construction companies is that the company not only makes sure that every client should get world-class customized construction services but it also creates a valuable asset for the country by accomplishing its social responsibilities. There is no other construction company in India that uses all the latest technologies as used by Reecocefe to provide tailor-made construction solutions to clients as per their needs and requirements. The clients are handled by the experienced team of Reecocefe to guide them throughout the project. Smart constructions such as energy-efficient buildings that are beneficial to the clients in the future as well are created at Reecocefe. So, if the demand is to gain maximum possible benefit in construction from the latest technology to reduce both the expenses and time duration then Reecocefe is only to be selected.

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