Qaddoo Is All Set To Redefine Customer Shopping Experience By Onboarding As ONDC Buyer App

01-Mar-2023, Gurugram  Qaddoo, India’s fastest-growing hyperlocal eCommerce platform, has been onboarded as a buyer app on the ONDC network. that is dedicated to promoting open networks and enabling a level playing field for small/local retailers in the eCommerce space.

Qaddoo takes this a step forward towards increasing visibility for its consumers as well as enhancing the online buying experiences. The collaboration of Qaddoo as a buyer app on the ONDC network will offer a seamless, usable, and feature-rich interface for online shoppers. Simply put, the hyperlocal eCommerce shopping platform will ease the entire process from product discovery to buying goods and services on the ONDC network.

Qaddoo has been revolutionising how a user shops online by bringing a human touch to the experience. It is a cutting-edge platform offering a wide range of features and convenient shopping benefits. With its rich, user-friendly interface, simplified order flow, and advanced search capabilities, the Qaddoo app leaves no stone unturned when it comes to allowing flexibility to purchase products from various local or small retailers. Launched a year ago, Qaddoo is already on the path to becoming a boon for local business owners from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India. Its unique concept unifying the buyer and seller experience into one seamless app is  helping vegetable vendors, kirana stores, roadside hawkers, etc., to create digital footprints among a loyal customer base. The popularity and traction of the Qaddoo app can be witnessed with app downloads in across 300+ cities in India and 50+ nations globally. The platform is already catering to over 10000 retailers and more than 60,000 customers within India. Currently available in English, Hindi, and Marathi, the app will soon be available in other regional Indian and international languages.

The ONDC platform democratizes digital commerce to deliver a secure and reliable environment for eCommerce transactions. Adding the Qaddoo buyer app to the network will further enhance user shopping capabilities. Qaddoo and ONDC will open the channel to wider options for buyers and more reach for local sellers.

Qaddoo is the only leading startup among the limited platforms joining the ONDC network as a buyer app. With this partnership, the app is looking to  ensure that its application offers a broad selection of products and services and a seamless buying experience to its consumers. The open network will be a simplified channel for connecting buyers and sellers with personalized offers, a line of products and delivery options. Not just customers, but sellers will benefit from this wider reach.

“We are excited to see Qaddoo on the ONDC network. The innovative features and capabilities are going to bring a new level of convenience for online customers,” says Sumit Kapoor, co-founder of Qaddoo.

Anurag Gupta, another co-founder of Qaddoo, also mentions,” It is a great move to enable the autonomy of the buyers with a wide range of products and services. The users are going to have more purchasing power with faster deliveries from hyperlocal sellers.”

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Qaddoo is a hyperlocal mobile platform designed to empower eCommerce shopping. The app is already revolutionizing the lives of small vendors and retailers with the ability to build a better presence and sell via an online ecosystem. On the other hand, the platform is making customers’ lives easier by letting them shop online from their favorite and trustworthy retailers from the comfort of their homes. Simply put, Qaddoo runs on the mission to bridge the gap between small local businesses and regional customers, leading to a reliable neighborhood community in the rising online spectrum. The company is constantly working on the platform to make it more innovative and comply with amplifying online commerce experiences.

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