Purifit Emerges As The Most Innovative Brand In The Home Improvement Category In India

When a company, launched just a few years back, emerges as a recognizable brand in a particular category, you know it has done something right. In the year 2019, Purifit was launched as a company that would offer consumers a variety of products in the home improvement category. Akshay Ranjith, who launched Purifit with an initial investment of Rs. 40,000 pooled in from friends, has managed to create a solid brand out of it in just 5 years. Akshay has been supported by a strong team comprising Afzal KA, who serves as the operations manager, Amal P, who brings his expertise as a customer success executive, Ahmad Midhlaj, who works as the digital marketing executive and Vishnu PM, who is the e-commerce executive.

The company’s flagship product was the Purifit Shower & Tap filter. The product was designed with utmost precision and came equipped with advanced technology. Initially, just 60 units of this product were manufactured, all of which sold out within the very first week of its release. The massive demand for the product resulted in a much higher number of units being produced. Soon enough, the product became a hit with the consumers and that paved the way for many more high-quality products being designed and manufactured by Purifit. In the first year of its operations, Purifit managed to earn a revenue of Rs. 66 lakhs. In the next year, the company registered a revenue of 1.1 crore.

Talking about the journey Purifit has had so far, founder and CEO Akshay Ranjith says, “The story of Purifit is one of resilience, innovation and a deep understanding of the needs of our customers. Purifit is more than just a product line. We are on a mission to be a global brand from India, leading innovation in the home improvement category. This year marks a significant shift as we expand into direct-to-consumer sales, further establishing our presence in international markets including the UAE, UK, and Germany through Amazon.”

In the last few years, Purifit has launched a plethora of products in the home improvement category which a large number of consumers have warmed up to. These products, apart from making the lives of consumers much easier, have enabled them to save a significant amount of money and do a variety of tasks and activities with much more efficiency. The constant growth in sales, that these products have witnessed, serves as a testimony to the fact that they have been accepted by the consumers in a big way.

Elaborating on the quality of the products offered by Purifit, operations manager Afzal KA states, “The product we offer features a combination of new-age technology and cutting-edge innovation. While the technology we use is that of today, we ensure that our consumers do not face any difficulties while using these products. After launching several products within the water purification sub-category, we feel elated to share the news that our washing machine filter is now a bestseller on Amazon. It is designed to remove limescale efficiently and safeguard washing machines. This is one product which addresses the issue of hard water and chlorine damage most effectively.”

In just a few years, Purifit has managed to have several notable achievements to its credit. The brand participated in the Launchpad program organized by Amazon and secured a credit line through Amazon Lending and Bank of Baroda. Taking several well-calculated decisions has helped the brand grow at a very good pace. The filtration technology, designed by the company, has played a key role in its success. The technology makes calcium and magnesium salts in hard water less reactive and protects hair and skin from damage. This has emerged as the most cost-effective and sustainable alternative to reverse osmosis systems.

“Right from the beginning, our goal was to build a consumer-centric brand. Certain issues and complexities are intrinsic to India. We not only work towards solving critical problems plaguing the home improvement segment, we also make it a point to design our products after gaining a thorough understanding of the needs and preferences of our consumers. We offer additional features like extra tap connectors to accommodate bucket baths, which is a common preference in India”, says Amal P, customer success executive.

In a very short span of time, Purifit has managed to achieve all that brands aspire to do in a few decades. As the brand moves forward in its journey to bring innovation in the home improvement category, its focus will be on scaling through D2C channels and launching new products. It will take giant strides towards cementing its position as a leader in the home improvement category, both in India and globally. The positive market response, which the brand has received through its expansions into the UK, UAE, and Germany, bolsters its belief in the quality of Indian products and their potential on the global stage.