Prorganiq is All Set to Launch Their Revolutionary Weight-Loss Supplements Specifically for the Indian Market

Ultimate weight-loss supplements manufactured from 100{28fca1f45fd441fbe5a382424ddff9532ff27a6cd1d3ad94134baab558aaedf5} Safe & Natural ingredients can now be the answer to millions of Indians’ overweight and obesity woes

29 May 2018, Chennai (Press Release) – Prorganiq is a company that has pioneered in developing 100 {28fca1f45fd441fbe5a382424ddff9532ff27a6cd1d3ad94134baab558aaedf5} natural and effective dietary supplements that are not just aimed at shredding excess fat but are also wholesome and nutritious, providing the body with all the essential proteins, vitamins & minerals.

The new company has been moving swiftly in establishing itself as a potent player in the “Superfoods” category as it has already acquired FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) registration.

Obesity and weight management are issues that people are trying hard to combat all over the world. After extensive research, we decided to come up with unique products that cater to the typical Indian male and female who wants to lose weight. Then, of course, we had a long hard look at the typical Indian foods consumed and the lifestyle that people follow in order to tailor-make health supplements suited to the Indian market”, says Surya Kumar, the Managing Director of Prorganiq.

The three products being launched by Prorganiq are –

  • GARCINIA CAMBOGIA (with 60{28fca1f45fd441fbe5a382424ddff9532ff27a6cd1d3ad94134baab558aaedf5} HCA)
  • 30-Day Mega Fat Burner
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract with CGA

These supplements, which can be availed online, have already generated a lot of buzz, and the trial testing with focus groups has yielded more-than-expected positive results, reports the company’s head of marketing.


The MD of Prorganiq went on to add, “What marks our supplements unique from other contemporaries are the extensive properties that not just concentrate on weight loss, attacking it from all angles but also are instrumental in correcting sleep cycles, in maintaining mental and physical wellness, along with sustaining the requisite energy levels to prevent fatigue from the use of it. Those who still are wary of our promise, can go ahead and try our products and if not satisfied, can get a full refund within 60 days.”

The Ultimate Weight Loss Supplements for the typical Indian Male & Female

The 30 Day Mega Fat Burner is a potent dietary supplement that incorporates a revolutionary 4-point formula involving key ingredients that, by nature, are exceptional weight reducing agents. Pooling the functioning and benefits of many health supplements into a single pill, the 30 Day Mega Fat Burner is an intense fat burner, appetite suppressant, and energy booster. Promising to achieve results of having a fit physique in a month’s time, the 30 Day Mega Fat Burner is a sure winner with its perfect blend of absolute ingredients.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a dietary supplement that enhances body metabolism and activates the fat burning hormones bringing about effective fat reduction. It also prevents further fat accumulation and is pivotal in reducing the overall weight. Its other benefits are its active role in maintaining blood sugar and pressure levels along with benefitting the functioning of heart and liver.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a powerful dietary supplement that plays a crucial role in weight loss especially working its best on shredding fat from stubborn areas around the belly and thigh regions. It is renowned for bringing about a marked change in one’s physical profile and in enhancing the body metabolism. Its working is based on enabling the utilization of carbohydrates to active energy instead of converting it into fatty molecules.

About Prorganiq

Ever since its inception, Prorganiq has been concentrating on coming up with Natural, Safe and Scientifically proven health supplements for the benefit of consumers. Supported by technical facts involving various clinical studies and verified testing, the supplements designed and manufactured by Prorganiq aid in weight loss in the most fundamental and organic manner without any side effects.

The company takes pride in producing high-quality products with only carefully and responsibly sourced ingredients from mother nature and are free of any added chemicals or preservatives. In line with their mission to enable people to live long and healthy lives, Prorganiq focuses on developing natural remedies that not just deliver on fat loss & nutritional results, but also offer wholesome benefits.