Taking the benefits of numerology to the masses, is what Priyanka Kuumar does

Priyanka Kuumar
Priyanka Kuumar

Mumbai, 12th February 2021,

(NewswireOnline): In a country where the more famous Numerologists focus only on the rich and elite, Mumbai-based Numerologist, Mrs. Priyanka Kuumar has taken it upon her to reach the benefits of the science of numerology to the masses of this country.

Through her brand Numberwrks (www.numberwrks.com), she aims to take the benefits of Numerology to each and every person across the country. Her biggest USP is that her services to people cost just a fraction of what most well-known Numerologists charge for almost a likely service.

Priyanka Kuumar is a certified numerologist from Centre of Excellence, London, and is also a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. She started her brand, Numberwrks to help hundreds of people aspiring to get the good services of an experienced Numerologist, at a price that is affordable for anyone who feels that such a service will make a difference to their life.

Speaking on why Numberwrks could be the best value offering in the country, Mrs Priyanka Kuumar said “The aim of Numberwrks, as a numerology consulting firm, is to demystify the science behind Numerology and make sure as many people benefit from the services. Hence, we have priced the services at a very reasonable level, so that the benefits reach the masses. Thanks to the pandemic, the entire process of consultation is now online, and the consultation report/advise is mailed to the client or sometimes even shared over WhatsApp. There is no need for any Face to face meeting, and all doubts, are clarified through Zoom/Google meet, wherever needed.”

Priyanka Kuumar has been practising Numerology for many years and till date has served over 1000 clients from all walks of life. What is interesting is that these clients come from across the country and from various backgrounds. A large chunk of clients come through reference and that is a clear indicator of the level of satisfaction of people using her services.