Prestige CleanHome’s Typhoon vacuum cleaner provides an optimum and hygienic home cleaning experience

(NewswireOnlne):-Most Indian homes use the traditional ‘Jhaddoo-pochha’ method of cleaning, which is neither hygienic nor effective.

For an optimum cleaning experience, it is imperative to not touch the dirt, but to still remove the dirt. A vacuum cleaner is the perfect cleaning tool as it immediately sucks in the dirt and dust, instead of moving it from place to place which occurs when sweeping.

Clean your house to perfection with the new compact and lightweight Typhoon vacuum cleaner from Prestige CleanHome. Made-in-Europe, the Typhoon is available in two models – Typhoon 11 and Typhoon 04.

The Typhoon 11 & Typhoon 4 are equipped with a powerful vacuum cleaner with a 1600W motor which helps in keeping your home clean and spotless. Besides being portable, the 5m long wire lets you clean even the far-off corners easily. The foot pedal push star and also equipped with an automatic cord winder that recoils the long wire once the cleaning is over.

The Typhoon 11 is equipped with powerful with a bagless dust compartment which eliminates the need for repeated changing of bags, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

The Typhoon 04 is compact and lightweight, having a suction-speed controller which allows for the fine-tuning of the suction power to suit different surfaces such as carpets, tiles, upholstery, under furniture, laptop screens and window mesh screens amongst others, making cleaning effortless. The large dust bag ensures that you don’t have to frequently clear the bag off dirt and dust.

In April 2016, TTK Prestige launched ‘Prestige Clean Home’ a range of innovative home cleaning solutions to transform the lives of the consumer. Prestige CleanHome has emerged into the go-to home cleaning brand for Indians across the country.

The brand operates on the pillars of trust, safety and health, which forms the basis of every Prestige CleanHome product. Right from inception, the brand has addressed the pain points of consumers across the country.

With the launch of Typhoon, Prestige CleanHome is empowering Indians to hygienically remove the dirt without having to touch it or move it around from room to room.

The Typhoon 04 retails for INR 8 995, whilst the Typhoon 11 is available for INR 8 495.

The product is available for purchase at Prestige Xclusive stores, select dealer outlets, our exclusive e-store ( and other leading ecommerce sites.

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