Prasoon Vidyarthi’s Innovation Brings New Hope for Indian Outsourcing Economy

In the face of rising wages, the growing use of artificial intelligence, and the commoditization of services, the once-booming Indian IT outsourcing industry faces significant challenges. While large enterprises have traditionally enjoyed the benefits of outsourcing due to their scale, small businesses have remained on the sidelines, unable to leverage these advantages. Prasoon Vidyarthi, a visionary in product management, is changing this narrative by enabling small businesses to tap into high-caliber, outsourced services previously out of their reach.

What is Product Management?
Product management is the discipline of bringing a product to life, from identifying a market need to designing, developing, and managing the product throughout its lifecycle. A product manager ensures that the product aligns with the company’s strategic goals and meets customer needs effectively. What sets Prasoon Vidyarthi apart is his focus on service-based product management. Unlike traditional products, his are designed as ongoing services that provide continuous value and adapt to client needs over time, a method especially beneficial for dynamic small business environments.

Revolutionizing Small Business Operations with Outsourced Services
Mr. Vidyarthi has transformed the landscape for small businesses by developing a platform that offers outsourced services like marketing, IT management, and administrative support. This innovation allows small enterprises to focus on their core activities while accessing enterprise-level expertise. Mr. Vidyarthi’s model provides flexibility and scalability, enabling small businesses to grow without the prohibitive costs typically associated with high-quality services.

Cybersecurity Innovations for Small Businesses
Recognizing the vulnerability of small businesses to cyber threats, Mr. Vidyarthi created a cybersecurity solution that provides enterprise-level security at a price point accessible to smaller entities. This product not only fills a critical gap in the market by protecting sensitive information but also sets a new industry standard for accessible, robust cybersecurity solutions.

Mastering Product Sunsetting
Mr. Vidyarthi excels in the strategic discontinuation of products, or product sunsetting, ensuring smooth transitions and maintaining customer satisfaction while reallocating resources to more innovative or profitable projects. His approach to product sunsetting involves careful planning and execution, which helps maintain customer satisfaction and reallocates resources to more innovative or profitable ventures. His adept management in this area enhances operational efficiency and keeps the product line fresh and relevant.

Global Recognition and Impact
Mr. Vidyarthi’s contributions have not only led to commercial success but have also earned him roles as a judge at prestigious industry awards such as BTOES and Globee. His work has been recognized globally, influencing product management standards worldwide. Additionally, Prasoon has been invited to the exclusive CXBFSI conferences, highlighting his influence, and thought leadership in customer experience within the banking, financial services, and insurance sectors.

Prasoon Vidyarthi’s career is a beacon for Indian businesses and startups, demonstrating the powerful impact of tailored product management. His innovations offer new pathways for growth and efficiency, making his strategies a valuable lesson for the wider product management discipline. Through his visionary approach, Mr. Vidyarthi continues to inspire and shape industries, heralding a new era of inclusivity and innovation in the global business landscape.