PieceX Enterprise Solutions for startups to set up business, launched by ONE ACT Co., Ltd


PieceX Enterprise Solution is a one step solution to start your online business from scratch with 95% reduction on software development time and 90% reduced cost.

The technology has created enormous ways to escalate the business creation process. Today businesses are adopting innovative ideas to give a boost to the conventional business model. PieceX, one of the players in Enterprise Solutions allows you to quickly set up and build your complete business.

If you’re creating a new business, then the benefits of building an enterprise app with PieceX are countless. It’s faster and will save you a lot of money.

And more importantly, PieceX makes you independent because you own the complete licensed source code and you have full authority to update it the way you want.

Here’s how:

  • Speed:You get an abundance of speed in the creation phase. You just need to have idea what business you want to build or in other words you just need to have idea about your business model. Now you don’t require to hire software developers, architecture designers, software testers and the whole software development cycle to follow. you can simply search and buy source codes from PieceX Enterprise Catalogs with few clicks. Now you have complete source code with you, make few modifications if you wish to and just deploy the application and your business is built, up and running.


  • Cost: Conventionally, when you’re building an enterprise system, development costs are tremendous. Companies spend a lot of money and months of time just to see the prototype of that tool. PieceX Enterprise is extremely cost-effective. You don’t have to spend on hiring and training developers. You get a full source code to build your business. And you’ll get it at 1/10th the cost.


  • Support: Needless to say, we provide you complete support after source code purchase and we help you to technically to set up the application.


PieceX helps Startups who have business idea but do not have enough man power in place to develop software, they can simply buy from PieceX and can run their business as quick as possible. For Example, buy food delivery source code and start Swiggy and Uber Eats like business.

What are the biggest changes made by COVID-19 in our lives? While keeping the obvious hazardous health effects aside, it changed the way we communicate and interact with each other.

Online, which was once just a part of a normal life has now become a fully dependent source of livelihood- all because of the COVID-19 pandemic. App Industry Experts predict that many people will choose stick to their homes even after the pandemic settles and will prefer buying things online. This will shape the online app industry, paving the way for a large number of mobile and web apps.

It’s a perfect time to create an online business like Grocery Selling Business or online Food Delivery Business. PieceX Enterprise provides you ready to use solution, you just need to add your branding design and theme of your choice and your business is up and running.


Create your Enterprise Account today and set up your business – https://www.piecex.com/homes/enterprise_program?source=prdistribution?source=prdistribution

Buy E-Delivery App with Source Code to set up Online Food Delivery, Online Flower Delivery or Medicine Delivery with simply few clicks – https://www.piecex.com/products/Delivery-App-with-Source-Code-1137?source=prdistribution

Buy Taxi Booking App to set up Ride Hailing business like Uber – https://www.piecex.com/products/Uber-Clone-Taxi-Booking-System-with-Panels-1047?source=prdistribution

Create your E-Learning business with https://www.piecex.com/products/LearnPro-Elearning-Platform-1330?source=prdistribution


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