Petrol, Diesel become expensive for the second consecutive day, check today’s rate

Feb 15, 2019 – Business Desk: Due to the increase in crude oil prices, the price of petrol and diesel prices is also continuing to rise in the India market. Indian Oil Corp Ltd (IOCL), the nation’s largest state-owned oil company, raised the prices of petrol and diesel on Friday, February 15, 2019. On Friday, IOCL hiked petrol prices by 7-8 paisa and diesel prices by 6 to 7 paisa.

Price of petrol

  1. Delhi Petrol Cost: Rs 70.46 per liter
  2. Delhi Deisel Cost Rs 65.73 per liter
  3. Mumbai Petrol Price: Rs. 76.10 per liter
  4. Price of diesel in Mumbai: Rs 68.83 per liter
  5. Kolkata Petrol Price – Rs. 72.57 per liter
  6. Kolkatta Deisel Price – Rs 67.51 per liter
  7. Chennai Petrol Price Rs 73.14 per liter
  8. Chennai Deisel price Rs 69.44 per liter

Petrol in the capital city of Delhi has increased by 7 paise to Rs 70.46 per liter. In Kolkata, petrol prices have risen by 7 paise and it has increased to Rs 72.57 per liter. After 7 paise increase in Mumbai, petrol has been priced at Rs 76.10 per liter. In Chennai, the price of petrol has gone up by 8 paise and it has increased to Rs 73.14 per liter.

Price of Diesel

After the increase in diesel prices in the capital of Delhi, it has increased to 65.73 per liter. In Kolkata, diesel has increased 6 paise to Rs 67.51 a liter. In the country’s financial capital Mumbai, diesel prices have gone up by 7 paise and it has increased to Rs 68.83 per liter. After the increase in 7 paise in Chennai, diesel has been priced at Rs 69.44 per liter.

Petrol and diesel prices in Punjab

Talking about Punjab, the price of petrol is Rs 75.49 in Jalandhar, Rs 76.00 in Ludhiana, Rs 76.11 in Amritsar, Rs 75.90 in Patiala and Rs 66.64 per liter in Chandigarh. Diesel is priced at the following cost in the major cities in Punjab – Jalandhar 75.49 Rs 65.68 Ludhiana Rs 76.00 66.11 Amritsar Amritsar Rs 76.11 Rs 66.22 Rupees Patiala 75.90 Rs 66.03 Chandigarh 66.64 Rs 62.61