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In today’s fast-paced world, we are operating our Businesses using a powerful tool -Business Analytics. Business analytics is one of the essential things that has aided organizations in their quest for tremendous success.

Business analytics can be defined as using new technologies to refine historical or current business data.

And now Cranes Varsity prides itself in announcing a Business Analytics Training program opening.

About us

Cranes Varsity, a part of Cranes Software International Ltd, was established in 1998 as a forerunner in technical training and educational services in training EMBEDDED, MATLAB, and DSP and emerging market trends such as Automotive, Internet of Things, VLSI Design and Verification, Java Full-Stack Development, Data Science & Machine Learning. Cranes Varsity’s Finishing School Model has facilitated the connection of university programs, working professional up skilling programs, and customized training for the corporate and defence sectors.

The learning approach model is EEE (Educate, Evolve, Employment).Our slogan is “We assist our students till we place.”

Because we are a trusted recruitment partner, we work with Corporate on the “Hire, Train, and Deploy” Model.

We have successfully taught 1 lakh+ engineering graduates and placed 70,000+ at major Indian and multinational corporations through our 2000+ universities and colleges network. Approximately 50,000 Cranes Varsity Alumnae serve as exceptional ambassadors for the Cranes Varsity Brand in their many jobs worldwide.

For more than 2.5 decades, Cranes Varsity is delivering PG Diploma Programs on

Embedded and Automotive Systems

IoT and Embedded Systems

VLSI Design and Verification

Data Science and Machine Learning

Full Stack Java Development

Embedded & Automotive Systems Course:

Cranes Varsity provides embedded systems training in Bangalore with 100% Placement Assistance and Global acceptance certification. Embedded course with automotive training helps engineers to kick start their career in the design & development of embedded and automotive systems applications. We are the best-embedded training institute in Bangalore, providing embedded systems online courses also through instructor-led live online sessions.

IoT Course:

The IoT training at Cranes Varsity provides complete practical experience. Our Internet of Things course is well structured and mapped with leading industry requirements and their standards. This program is a combination of the Internet of Things and embedded systems with 100% Placement Assistance which helps engineering students to start their careers in IoT. IoT online course is also available through instructor-led live online sessions. IoT Certification provided by us is globally accepted.

VLSI Course:

VLSI design course ensures that a fresher is prepared on all the features of VLSI Design and Verification as per the industry requirements. We are the best VLSI training institute in Bangalore and provides classroom and VLSI online course with 100% Placement Assistance. This course ensures that fresher is empowered with all the essential skill sets required for various jobs in the VLSI front-end domain. This course is completely practical oriented with each aspect of the course involving multiple hands-on projects.

Java course:

We provide Java Full Stack Developer Course in Bangalore with 100% Placement Assistance. This java training helps the learner to learn the Java technology from scratch and to upgrade themselves as a Full Stack Developer. We are the best java training institute in Bangalore for the java full stack developer course and provide Java online course also through instructor-led live online sessions. Java Certification provided by us is globally accepted and recognized.

Data Science Course:

We provide data science and machine learning course in Bangalore with 100% Job Assurance. This data science training helps the aspirant to up skill their knowledge in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. We are the best data science training institute in Bangalore for data science certification and provides data science online course also through instructor-led live online sessions.

Importance of Business Analytics:

Business analytics helps you turn raw data into more useful inputs to use to make better decisions.

Businesses must be one step ahead of their competition and have access to the most up-to-date toolsets to assist them in making better decisions and boosting profitability to remain economical.

Future of Business Analytics:

Business analytics has a bright future. Therefore, workers interested in pursuing a career in this field are in for a treat. This also means that demand for such professionals will increase, so having some aces up your sleeves will give you an advantage. Online analytics lessons from reliable platforms can give you access to cutting-edge techniques and technologies that other applicants may not be aware of.

Cranes Varsity’s online Business Analytics education gives you the skills and training you need to thrive in this field, which you may study online and offline.

Students and Professionals will gain in-demand skills that will help them job-ready in less than 5 months. This requires no degree or prior experience.

Why study Business Analytics at Cranes Varsity?

Cranes Varsity now offers business analytics certifications as well. Cranes Varsity has provided technical training such as Embedded, VLSI, Data Science, and Java, excelling in-demand, highly industry-relevant courses.

Cranes Varsity is introducing a Business Analytics course for non-engineers with a job guarantee.

The program includes over 280 hours of instruction and hundreds of hands-on assessments to help you simulate real-world data analysis scenarios essential to your workplace success. The content is highly interactive and developed exclusively by Cranes Varsity industry experts.

In addition to professional training and hands-on projects, complete case studies to share with potential employers and demonstrate new skills. Candidates also receive free soft skills and aptitude training to improve their skills. Students are taught as part of their academic experience in a job interview preparation program that is of great help in conducting a job interview.

Cranes Varsity offers placement opportunities right from the third month of their study.

Interested applicants can apply for a Business Analysis Certification course to understand the basics, scope, importance, and benefits before committing to a career in this trending area.

For more information, visit our website reach us on 9620829666