Transform Your Showering Experience With The Luxury Jaaz Shower Panel – Aquila

NewswireOnline:- Looking for best-in-class shower panels? Buy Jaaz Shower Panels to give your bathroom the aesthetics it deserves

Shower Panels are a great way to get multi-functional in-built showering options at affordable prices. The best part about installing a shower panel is that it is easy to fix and use. It is suitable for any bathroom space. The ergonomic design of shower panels attached to bathroom walls takes less space without compromising on the output. Moreover, you get an elegant and luxurious look by installing a shower panel, making it a hot trend in the market.

About Jaaz Shower Panels

If you want versatility and a luxury bathroom look, then opt for Jaaz shower panels. Our innovative shower panels are an amalgamation of state-of-the-art technology and durable, long-lasting fixtures to give you a high-quality idyllic shower experience. This stems from our vision to always conceptualise and execute the manufacturing, designing, and distribution of bathroom products that suit the modern sustainable lifestyle and ergonomic home structure.

Jaaz has been the forerunner in delivering top-quality products to facilitate dealers, retailers, luxury hotels, and real estate developers better serve their target audience and clients.

We introduce to you our top-selling Jaaz shower panel – Aquila. Here is an overview of this product.

The Aquila Shower Panel: A Refined Sense Of Beauty

The Jaaz Shower Panel – Aquila is a must-have bathroom essential. Aquila Shower Panel has an organic design that can transform any bathroom with refined beauty.

All the Jaaz Shower Panels have been made to ensure smooth water flow without any leakage. This has two major significance. First, your bathroom space is always dry and clean. You can bid good riddance to any unnecessary dampness or damage to your bathroom due to leakage. Second, there is no water wastage. Installing our Jaaz Shower Panel – Aquila contributes to a sustainable environment and water conservation.

Feature of Aquila Shower Panel

The Jaaz shower panel – Aquila has been manufactured using premium material for elegance. Aquila has built-in showering options, including vitalising jet and multi-purpose shower heads with an easy cleaning system. The Aquila shower panel can be installed as a stand-alone unit within a shower cabinet or fixed on a bathroom wall. The wall panel is the base unit for all the functions, including:

  • Handshower
  • Adjustable vertical wall jets
  • Natural rainfall overhead shower
  • Soft-touch buttons or levers to operate various components fitted on the panel
  • Hot and cold temperature gauge and controls with a thermostat
  • Water pressure control lever
  • Inbuilt shampoo rack
  • Safe hot water lock for child safety

Usage and Experience

Jaaz Shower Panels gives a modern and luxurious look with a unique style adding to the aesthetics of a bathroom. Since all the functions are mounted on one wall unit, it is relaxing and easy to use all the functions. The perfect angle of water jets evenly distributes the water to every part of the body for a soothing and massaging effect.

As pioneers of the latest trends in bathroom products, we’re constantly innovating and advocating for products that seamlessly combine sustainability, ergonomics, and luxury. Order Aquila now and experience the luxury yourself. For more information visit our website.