The Biggest Gym in Kolkata is Back in Action with High-End Safety Measures Amidst the Pandemic

Starmark Fitness Studio

Starmark Fitness Studio, a leading Multi-Gym in Kolkata has reopened its operations following strict safety precautions as per the Government regulations.

(NewswireOnline):- One of Kolkata’s most famous and leading gyms, Starmark Fitness Studio, has reopened its door after a break when they closed their operations due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. In this Pandemic, multiple businesses had to be locked down and this became the ‘new normal.’ Similarly, Starmark did not risk the health of its members and advised them to workout at the safety of their home. However, as per the members, they felt the difference between exercising at home and at the gym with word-class equipment and luxurious amenities.

According to the reports, Starmark management was in doubt to reopen the gym as their first priority is the health of their members and employees. However, members and fitness enthusiasts flooded the social media, requesting to reopen the gym! Seeing the enthusiasm, Starmark is now open for the fitness lovers. The gym has done everything to keep the gym properly sanitized and out of danger. Every corner of the gym (including the floor, equipment, etc.) as well as its members and staff are properly sanitized on a daily basis with the utmost care to eliminate the threat of infection.

If reports are to be believed, the moment a member enters the gym, sanitization process begins that includes but does not limit to thermal scanning, washing hands, sanitization, wearing face mask, and lots more. The gym has been setting goals as it is successfully keeping the place safe and keeping the fitness level at peak at the same time.

Starmark Fitness Studio

“Our first priority is health. We workout to stay healthy and we take safety measures to keep ourselves and our members healthy. Starmark does not compromise with the health.” – Pallavi Prasad, CEO, Starmark Fitness Studio.

Moreover, according to trusted sources, the management of Starmark asked its members not to come to the gym if they are not feeling well. They are continuously advising them to stay at home if they feel the slightest discomfort in terms of health. While talking about this, the CEO of the gym, Pallavi Prasad said, “We want to keep the gym safe for the members. If anyone does not feel well and come to the gym, they are risking others’ health. So, we don’t want to take any chance.”

Over the past two years, Starmark has become the most reputed and trusted gym in Kolkata. Fitness buffs of Kolkata love the gym, its ambiance, the huge 15,000 sq.ft area, imported gym equipment, and luxurious facilities like massage, secure lockers, steam room, huge cafeteria, etc. Starmark has certified trainers, which adds to its credibility and ranks it up higher among the top gyms in the city.

As per the reports, individuals and members of Starmark are trusting the gym even more because of the fact that the gym has not compromised with the fitness sessions or the quality of the training to maintain the COVID-19 safety standards. According to the management of Starmark, they will be continuingly updating their precautionary measures to ensure that the members can freely workout without any risk of being infected by the virus.

About Starmark:

Starmark Fitness Studio provides world-class services in some of the most sought-after fields of fitness under the supervision of trained professionals and a healthy environment.

Starmark Fitness Studio is one of the most luxurious fitness centres in Kolkata with high-end gym equipment and certified trainers. The healthy environment and range of fitness activities of the gym have made the fitness enthusiasts fall in love with it.


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