Finflux Announces Addition of World-Class Advisory Board

Finflux Announces Addition of World-Class Advisory Board

(NewswireOnline):- As part of its goal to create affordable and equitable financial access to individuals and businesses around the world, FinFlux is excited to announce the addition of four new world-class advisory board members. The advisory board consists of business and technology leaders across Entrepreneurship, Financial Services, and B2B SaaS space, intending to work closely with the Finflux leadership team and help them understand and implement rapid-scale strategies. The four new advisors all have rich industry and domain experience and have helped multiple technology companies achieve product and business maturity.

Meet The Advisory Board Members

Chandramouli is a Product Management and Customer Success leader with over 18 years of experience building subscription businesses for enterprises. He started his career with Zinnov consulting, where he became a partner in eight years focusing on the globalization strategy and implementation of technology for Fortune 1000 clients. Chandramouli also has experience working as the Head of Product Strategy, Head of Customer Success for the TalentNeuron as well as across multiple roles in Gartner. With a goal of building products that can positively impact 10 million lives, Chandramouli dedicates significant time to helping entrepreneurs and businesses find product-market fit, define and execute GTM plans, and build scale across functions.

Michael Vorburger, who serves as Technology Advisor, has 20 years of industry experience in technical leadership and management roles at companies such as Cisco, Temenos, Red Hat, and Google. Michael Vorburger holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL/ETH).

Also, on the Finflux advisory board is Edward Cable, a leader in technology-enabled financial inclusion and open service financial services innovation. With his experience as the President/CEO of the Mifos Initiative Edward has understood and proven out the catalytic power of communities – first through the cooperative movement, then through financial inclusion, and now through the open-source for financial services. At Mifos, Cable incubated the open-source community as part of the initial team guiding the project within the Grameen Technology Center. He also led the spinout of the Mifos Initiative in 2011, overseeing the evolution of both the platform as well as the open-source community as a transformative force for microfinance, financial inclusion, and now digital financial services.

Debleena Majumdar comes to the Finflix advisory team with over 20+ years of experience across Investment Banking, Investment Management, and Venture Capital. Majumdar is a published author, a Strategy, Finance, and Education professional who has worked with companies such as GE, JP Morgan, Prudential, Fidelity, Unitus Ventures, etc. In addition, Majumdar contributes data-driven articles on mergers and acquisitions and Education for Economic Times Prime. She is also a co-founder of Kahaniyah which helps businesses simplify strategy with data-driven storytelling. She set up a platform called Chaabee to help students prepare for open schooling certification.

The FinFlux new advisory board members are part of the cloud lending platform’s growth mindset to maintain the standard of being a leading global SaaS vendor. According to Nayan Ambali, Finflux’s CEO, “Finflux is fast evolving as a go-to technology platform for new-age lending companies. The world-class advisory board will assist us in achieving our true potential. Advisory members are helping us drive accountability, growth mindset, and learning culture across the organization.”

“Nayan Ambali and the Finflux team have an impressive track record of innovation and a relentless focus on their customers. I’m delighted to be on the advisory board to help them scale their growth and their impact on the Base of the Pyramid,” Edward Cable says.