Nxcar Leads Auto Fintech Innovation as the First Company to Introduce Loans for Peer-to-Peer Used Car Transactions

Gurgaon-based automotive fintech company, Nxcar, has launched an integrated platform for pre-owned car transactions in India. For the first time, individual customers can access loans, vehicle inspection, valuation, insurance, and RC transfer services, whether they are purchasing second-hand cars from individual sellers, dealers, or classified listings.

With 7.2 million cars expected to be sold in 2024, the Indian second-hand car market is 1.6 times larger than the new car market and is growing at a 15 per cent annual rate, according to an industry report by Mordor Intelligence. Over 60 per cent of first-time car buyers opt for used cars as their first four-wheeler. While it’s well-established that buying a pre-owned car is financially smart, the process of obtaining a loan for a second-hand car is often complicated, involving condition assessment, document verification, bank clearance, and RC transfer.

“Nxcar integrates various services on a single tech platform, making the experience of buying a used car as transparent and convenient as buying a new one from a showroom,” says Mani Singh, Co-founder and Director of Nxfin Technologies. According to Mani Singh, Nxcar offers loans, document checks, physical inspection, valuation, extended warranty, insurance, and RC transfer through a seamless online process. It has partnered with over 20 banks and NBFCs to ensure nationwide coverage and provide end-to-end used car loan origination and management.

Currently, Nxcar’s services are available in the metropolitan areas of Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and across North India.

Traditionally, banks have been hesitant to finance pre-owned cars due to the complexities in asset valuation and ownership verification. Customers could only secure loans when buying from large aggregators or corporate dealers, often at a 20-30 per cent higher price compared to local purchases. Nxcar addresses these issues by providing a single point of validation for buyers, lenders, and insurance companies. Their inspection and valuation services also enable them to offer extended warranty packages on cars up to 10 years old, ensuring peace of mind for second-hand car buyers and added security for lenders.

Nxcar does not compete with dealers; instead, it facilitates faster car sales for dealers by providing their customers with easy access to loans, warranty, and insurance through the Nxcar platform.

Founded in 2022, Nxfin Technologies initially focused on supply chain finance for used car dealers, offering extended credit terms for acquiring resale cars and completing the first year of operations with over Rs 800 million in sales. Expanding to an integrated platform for loans and other services is a natural progression for the fintech, further empowering used car dealers to enhance their offerings and expanding the available pool of used cars to end customers.