Amidst this virulent pandemic, Indian medical tourism startup Mediflic is ready to introduce Telemedicine for global users

(NewswireOnline):- Telemedicine service unquestionably reduces the expenditure of the patient party by eliminating transport costs, accommodation costs, visa fees, etc.

  • It helps people to avoid social gatherings in areas like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics.
  • Telemedicine lets the patients directly seek consultation from their chosen doctor or health care facilitators.

India has become a top medical tourism destination for most critical surgeries and treatments at affordable rates. What makes it so attractive is India’s capability to bring different medical treatments with alternative types of healing such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, yoga, etc.

In recent years, the medical tourism business in India has been growing a lot and is considered as one of the best destinations for affordable medical tourism.

Noida-based healthcare startup and one of the newest entries in the list of medical tourism companies in India, Mediflic is on the verge of introducing Telemedicine kiosks for global patients. The company plans to set its medical kiosks throughout the world, but mainly in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Egypt, Qatar, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka.  Presently, Mediflic is mainly focusing on these countries because every year numerous people from these countries come to India for medical tourism.

Mediflic is currently funded by Chaitanya Projects Consultancy Pvt Ltd and looking to raise more funds to build its ultra-modern medical technology and serve a larger amount of people. By providing Telemedicine services, Mediflic wants to increase access to the healthcare sector for developing countries, rural geographical areas where a shortage of medical help exists. It also aids in helping patients who are not able to make medical travel to India, they can visit their nearest kiosk and get the required medical consultation and help.

Mediflic is supported by BurstIQ in bringing blockchain advancements to the quickly developing well-being industry, they are certain that blockchain will make a critical, conceivably transformative effect in this industry. Presently, there is no other industry that needs transformation more than medicinal services. Computerized medical care organizations can get to new information sources to upgrade AI-empowered items and showcase those items to focused and engaged people. Apart from this, and healthcare systems can improve clinical results and lessen cost through AI-empowered analytics, customized post-acute administrations, better care coordination, etc

Commenting on the new development of the company, Diptiman Chattopadhyay, CEO of the medical travel facilitator Mediflic said, “Medical tourism in India has established significantly in past years and has likewise achieved extraordinary outcomes. Every year thousands of people make medical travel to India, but this year, the global pandemic has already affected it badly. Patients from all over the world, who had plans to come for medical tourism had to cancel it. Though in this situation, we cannot offer them medical tourism facilities, but by executing telemedicine kiosks, we aim to provide them the medical help.”

Founded in 2019, Mediflic concentrates on offering Indian medical treatment globally by customized medical tourism packages.

“Mediflic is focused on giving medical services at doorsteps to people everywhere throughout the earth. On this portal, patient’s medical reports are put away on cloud storage that can be reached over the web 24 X 7. Patients can avail various medicinal services from top medical institutions and experts in India.” said Chief Technology Officer Sayak Dhar – Mediflic.

Currently centering on medical tourism in India and telemedicine service in the queue, medical tourism facilitator Mediflic is looking to grow its reach in various countries. The company aims to provide medical services starting from the very primary level.

Initially, the company was only involved in providing all means of medical tourism facilities to the patients coming from all over the world. From doctor booking, online consultation from doctors, video conferencing, all these were already there in the service list of the company. Looking at the current scenario of global health care, this medical travel facilitator has come up with the idea of providing medical care to each and every one in need through telemedicine kiosks.

Founded by Sanjay Kumar Sinha, Somenath Ghosh, Abhijeet Mazumder & Diptiman Chattopadhyay, the latest Indian start-up Mediflic has its operations headquartered in Noida. The company has tie-ups with India’s renowned healthcare service providers, collaboration with leading medical experts, doctors, surgeons, and therapeutic experts and coalition with accommodation providers.