Mans Pedia: Newly Launched Online Portal Is Dedicated To Men’s Health and Wellness

NewswireOnline:- There are many websites out there that offer you information about health and fitness. However, it would be hard to find an online portal that exclusively discusses or deals with men’s health. To fill this void and to ensure that men have a website to refer to when they deal with some health issue, Supchar Herbals Private Limited launched Mans Pedia. What makes this platform further special is the fact that it leads men to Ayurvedic health treatments and procedures that help them overcome any health issue in the most organic manner.

Yogendra Lochib, director at Supchar Herbals, says, “The thought behind putting together this online platform was quite simple. While there are a plethora of websites that enlighten one about women’s health, there was no dedicated platform on men’s health. A large number of men suffer because of limited information about men’s health issues available on the internet. We wanted to create a website that would make health-based information pertaining to men more accessible. We are updating the website regularly and also making a note of the feedback shared by the visitors.”

While designing Mans Pedia, Supchar Herbals was mentored by renowned Ayurvedic physician Dr. Manish Sharma. Dr. Sharma is a BAMS-qualified Ayurvedic physician with several years of experience behind him. Along with Dr. Manish Sharma, the website is being driven by the expertise of several reputed Ayurvedic physicians who have proved their mettle in this space.

Elaborating on this, Dr. Yogendra Lochib says, “Our goal was to put together a website which would offer men in India and across the world all the information they need about Ayurveda. I firmly believe that Ayurveda is one of the biggest gifts from India to the world. The treatment procedures and other information that you come across on our website have been provided and verified by our team of Ayurvedic experts led by Dr. Manish Shah. Without him and the team, Mans Pedia wouldn’t have become a reality.

In a very short span of time, has received a very good response. At a time when countries all across the world are setting up Ayurvedic institutes and delving deep into the various aspects of Ayurveda, the launch of Mans Pedia would definitely prove to be a boon for men who prefer Ayurvedic treatment procedures over others. The content on the website has been divided into multiple categories. is nothing short of a reservoir of Ayurvedic knowledge for men all across the globe.

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