Newly Discovered Benefits of Adenosine Therapy for the Treatment of Chronic Respiratory Diseases inroute for Introduction

A recent study based in India by Ojasveda herbals indicates promising results from Adenosine therapy.

New Delhi, September 29, 2022: India-based nutraceutical firm, Ojasveda has put together a research inclusive study about how the introduction of adenosine therapy can be revolutionary for chronic respiratory diseases like tuberculosis, lung fibrosis, asthma, and such.

For the Adenosine therapy, the study proposed an immune-modulatory compound named 3′-Deoxyadenosine derived from a rare species of mushroom. Effects of this compound later are seen in the positive light when used along with PA-824 also marketed as Pretomanid.

The proposed treatment demonstrated how colony-forming units/Counts have shown an immense decline when treated with adenosine therapy for a period of 8 weeks.

The Adenosine Therapy improved the quality of life of the patients by reducing asthma-related symptoms and asthma onset frequency / severity, while it significantly attenuated asthma-induced inflammation at a 3-month intervention period, as demonstrated by decreased expression of inflammatory biomarkers.

Adenosine therapy is also reported to have pro-apoptotic effects on human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells, to reduce the survival of hepatocellular fibrosis and the spread cystic formation. Research also suggested how the effects were more elaborate when acted as an adjuvant to the prescribed regime.

Later this year, Ojasveda will be releasing a much elaborate study for the Introduction of the now researched Adenosine Therapy and regulating it with all mandated requirements with the list of clinics where the proposed therapy will be introduced for more profound clinical studies.

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