International talents from across the world to lay the foundation for your child’s education

(NewswireOnline):- The world is a place of diversity and we are always enamoured by foreign lives. Learning from people with diverse backgrounds not only gives a great experience but also enriches a child’s education. To have international teachers are not a common practice in our country but it can be very beneficial for the children. Let us have a look at the benefits of learning from International teachers.

Cultural diversity- Enrich your kid with a sense of diversity and equip them to learn a lot more from the international teachers. It teaches them to be tolerant and improves their ability to adapt to this fast changing world. Not to mention how it enriches their imaginative and cognitive ability.

From the comfort of home- It is usually presumed that one would have to settle abroad to learn from international teachers, but there are schools that have brought together a team of international teachers, with a robust curriculum that would help all the students.

Growth Opportunities- To have an international curriculum and teachers to teach your kids are very similar to the experience of abroad education which truly enriches the kids with the safety of your own home environment. It expands the horizons of the child making them more receptive and better equipped for the future.

Ta:ra Online Pre-school is a branch of Ta:ra House of Montessori that believes in following Montessori education as a guide, but Montessori teaching was not possible in online classes they developed an international curriculum that included the best practices worldwide.

Their curriculum includes activities that would help a child’s fine and gross motor skill development along with cognitive and social skill enhancement. It also has audio-visual activities to enhance the child’s imaginative qualities.

Co-Founder of Skoodos Shruti Verma says “This is a great initiative, it feels like we are bringing foreign culture and diversity at home for our kids to learn from. Every child must be given such opportunities. It is great that learning has become so innovative and it shows that we have a brighter future for our children.”

When asked about this innovative approach, Sajna Hameed, Principal and Founder of Ta:ra Online Preschool says, “when we saw how the pandemic was making education difficult, we decided to go with online education but we wanted it to be different from the usual online pre-schools. We wanted to make it more engaging for the students at the same time enhancing the experience of students. Thus we decided to inculcate cross-border teaching that would diversify and expand the reach of a child’s imagination.” she also stated that “It is important to focus on a child’s education when they are this young because this is the foundation of a child’s education and their future depends on it, so the newest form of education implemented in the right way is very important”

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