Naaz Joshi, India’s 1 st International Pageant Winner participates in Gender Sensitization Program


Program was organized by Sri Venkateswara College

(NewswireOnline):- Naaz Joshi, an international pageant winner participated in Gender Sensitization Program which was held in Sri Venkateswara College. The college conducted an interactive session for its students with Miss World Diversity 2017-2020, Miss Universe Diversity 2021 Naaz Joshi. The aim of the session was to create awareness about the inclusiveness of the third gender into society amongst the youth. Naaz Joshi talked about her experience as Parent, Transgender, beauty pageant & journey where she suffered hardships from the society.

According To Naaz Joshi, “We often hear beauty queens talking about mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela as their inspiration. How often do we hear them working on their promises. Most of them land up in bollywood or sit at home with their title. ‘With title comes responsibility. 

Naaz is an inspiration to millions of people not only as beauty pageant winner but she has also adopted girl child. Her life is now dedicated towards the social work & her daughter. In addition to make a change in the mind-set of people towards transgender, she also want her daughter to live in a society which is free from prejudices.

She is also filling the gender gap with organizing beauty pageants for natural born women. In the year-end she wants to organize an international beauty pageant for transgender. Her focus is to empower Trans community worldwide. In order to empower Trans women in the country, Naaz is working with people, NGOs, Universities etc

She is working with honourable SDM New Delhi, Dr. Nitin Shakya under his umbrella campaign Jeet, where she is motivating many trans women to come into the mainstream society;  Regular interaction with the  students of universities like IIM Udaipur, Roshni Nilaya College of Social Science – Mangalore; ARSD College, GLA University Mathura  Tagore International School Delhi;

She being a transgender today is a brand ambassador of IT Company Triton Solutions, brand ambassador of Srilanka based NGO‘To be Change’, which is working for mother earth and good will ambassador for a grooming academy AGS.

This year, She is also competing for Empress Earth 2021-2022, where she is undertaking a project on slum children empowerment. She is one example of true beauty queen who never says die.

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